How to Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 When You Pick Up Your Prescription

With almost a million of  Americans contracting COVID-19 and thousands dying, safety is a huge consideration and everyone’s top priority. This includes making sure that you are safe when you leave your home to get groceries or just to pick up a prescription from your local pharmacy.

Do you need to go out? Is there a delivery option?

Before you leave your house, you might want to check first if your pharmacy delivers. Carolina Pharmacy can deliver your medications straight to your home or mailbox. You do not need to leave your home just to get your medications. 

Here are some 4 tips on how to protect yourself against COVID-19 when you go out to get your prescriptions:

#1 Use the Drive-Thru or Curb-Side Pickup

It is not just McDonald’s that offers drive-thru service. Some pharmacies have drive-thru windows and now curb-side pickup due to COVID-19, so that people can get their medications without exposing themselves to a lot of people. These options also minimize the pharmacy staff’s exposure to COVID-19.

Carolina Pharmacy does offer curb-side pickup.  If you choose to use this service, we will bring your medications to you in the parking lot. You don’t have to risk your health by getting out of your car.

Make sure to get in touch with us to request for medication refills before you actually go out to pick your meds up.

#2 Pay Ahead of Time

There are pharmacies, like us, that offer prepay options. You can pay for your medications beforehand, so when you come in, you don’t have to stay longer or come in contact with other customers. The pharmacy may ask you to send a picture of your benefit and insurance cards.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we will follow the social distancing guidelines within our stores to keep our customers and staff safe. For example, floor signs to help customers to stand 6-feet apart.  

#3 Get All of Your Prescriptions at the Same Time

Pharmacies, like Carolina Pharmacy, offer medication synchronization. We synch all your medications, so you can pick them up all at once. Not only will you be able to save time, but you can also minimize the number of times you will need to go to the pharmacy.

#4 Get a Healthier and Low-Risk Family Member or Friend to Pick Up Your Medication

If you are considered a high-risk for COVID-19 complications, you should ask someone else to go out and pick up your prescription. Make sure to call the pharmacy ahead of time, and inform them that someone else is picking up the medications.

How Can Carolina Pharmacy Help Keep You Safe?

We offer delivery and curbside pickups to help keep our customers safe. You can also download our free app to get medication alerts. The app will also help you check the status of your medication.

With our free app, you can refill 24/7 and access your account with us and pay before you visit our pharmacy for refills. Your health and safety is our number one priority!