What is a Prescription Medication?

Prescription medication is a set of medicine or drugs that require a prescription from a physician or doctor before it can be dispensed. This usually follows a regular schedule that should be strictly followed.

Prescription medications are intended to target a particular body part that is in pain or a particular illness. The goal of prescription medication is to provide a cure if not to maintain and improve the current condition of the body.

Most prescription medication can be refilled at the nearest pharmacy in your area. Carolina Pharmacy offers prescription refills for all your medication needs. We aim to provide fast and professional services.

What are Supplements?

Supplements are products taken orally that contains some ingredients like vitamins and amino acids. These are usually intended to supplement a dietary need. It can either enhance or improve one’s diet to reinforce the nutrient supply to your body.

In comparison to prescription medication, supplements do not necessarily need a prescription from a doctor. Supplements are readily available on the market and can be purchased without a prescription.

Supplements are not considered medicines. They do not give a cure to any illness or disease. They are just taken to supplement or reinforce the need for nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Prescription Medication over Supplements

Supplements are good for the body since it can help boost the nutrients needed by the body. However, for medication purposes, supplements should not be considered as medicines.

There are occasions when patients should adhere to their prescription medication. Physicians take diligent steps to examine, evaluate, and diagnose your health conditions. Medication prescriptions that are signed off by physicians are specifically recommended to treat if not to maintain your current health condition.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose prescription medication over supplements in treating your illness:

#1 FDA-Approved

Prescription medications are FDA-approved. These medicines or drugs passed the standards of safety and effectivity set by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). The U.S. FDA maintains a comprehensive evaluation process on medications.

Every aspect of the medicine is carefully assessed. FDA made sure that these medications are in good manufacturing condition. It also went through extensive clinical design trials and packaging tests.

Supplements, on the other hand, do not necessarily pass FDA evaluation before making them available for public consumption. Some supplements manufacturing company do not go through FDA inspection either.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we offer premium grade medicines. We ensure that all our prescription medications are FDA-approved.

#2 Proven and Tested Safe and Effective

Prescription medication underwent extensive evaluation including a series of tests. Medications are subject to premarket regulation. Every medicine goes through a rigorous safety and efficacy test before making them available for public consumption.

This is conversely not the case for supplements. They are sold to the market without evaluation. In most cases, they are just tested after they have become harmful to consumers.

Carolina Pharmacy provides high-quality medications that were tested and proven safe because you and your health are important to us. We also have a team of professional and licensed pharmacists who ensure that you get the best medication for your entire family.

#3 Can be Covered by an Insurance

Prescription medication may be covered by your insurance. Most health plans cover the cost of medication. Some insurances can even provide a one-time refill on your prescription medication. However, some medications are partly covered by the insurance and patients need to pay part of the cost.

Supplements, on the other hand, are not covered by health plans. You need to pay the cost of every supplement you buy on the market.

Carolina Pharmacy provides prescription medications that are covered partially or in full by health plans. We encourage patients to enroll in Medicare Part D. We also offer a free consultation about Medicare Part D.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we help patients make healthy choices for life. Our pharmacists in Hwy 9 Bypass, Lancaster, Arboretum, Airport Road, Lancaster, Cotswold, Meeting Street, Lancaster, and Rock Hill ensures safe, effective, reliable, and trusted prescription medication for your entire family.

For your convenience, we offer prescription refills and fast service options. We can schedule your monthly prescription refills and notify you through text or email when it is time to get your refill. We can also deliver your prescription refill straight to your home or office so you could do other important things on your list.

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