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Carolina Pharmacy cares for its customers and its goal is to provide convenient pharmaceutical care which includes medication synchronization. Medication synchronization allows patients to pick up their medication on a time most convenient for them as well as reminding them to stick with their medication. This is possible thru email and text reminders which allow patients to remember when to refill and pick their medicines up.

What is Medication Synchronization?

Medication Synchronization is the coordination between the pharmacy and the patient. The pharmacists will schedule a pickup date for patients to regularly get their prescription from the pharmacy. This is typically done on a monthly basis.

The goal of medication synchronization is to help prevent patients from missing out on their medication. With this medication synchronization, patients are likely to improve on prescription adherence and quality care.

Carolina Pharmacy provides medication synchronization services. We aim to ensure that you will have continued and well-maintained medication. We will refill your prescription and schedule its pickup on a regular basis.

We aim to help you maintain and improve your well-being. We ensure that you never run out of important medications. At Carolina Pharmacy, you and your health are important to us!

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Carolina Pharmacy is devoted to providing exceptional healthcare and friendly service for you and your loved ones. We take the time to get to know you and help you achieve your health goals.  At Carolina Pharmacy, we help patients make healthier choices for life!

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Medication Synchronization

Benefits of Medication Synchronization

Patients tend to forget their medication due to the effects of aging and medical conditions. Some just cannot afford the cost of frequently visiting the pharmacy. Others get confused with the complicated medication regimens.

Medication Synchronization is the perfect solution to all these. With this synchronization services, patients will less likely forget to pick up their prescription. At Carolina Pharmacy, we have an email and text reminder services. With this service, we will notify you about your scheduled prescription pickup.

Medication Synchronization also promotes cost efficiency. When your prescription is scheduled on a regular basis, it lessens your frequent visits to the pharmacy. Carolina Pharmacy can also have your prescription delivered directly to your home or office. Our aim is to ensure cost-efficient, convenient and fast service.

Medication Synchronization can help patients get through a complicated medication regimen. With this service, our pharmacists take the time to educate patients about compounding. We also discuss how it can make their medication less confusing. We can help synchronize the schedule of medications that can be compounded and should be picked up on a certain date.

Carolina Pharmacy values the patient and health care system. With the ever-evolving medication needs of patients, our pharmacists aim to provide services that answer to the growing needs of our patients.

Medication synchronization provides the solution to streamline patient care. It also promotes a more proactive pharmacist-patient relationship. This synchronization service offers efficacy to the dispensary workflow. It also gives value to patients, pharmacists, and physicians.

With medication synchronization, both patients satisfaction and enhanced pharmacy operation may be achieved. At Carolina Pharmacy, we are committed to providing a higher level of care. We aim to improve the medication adherence of every patient.

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