Medication synchronization is the process of coordinating medication refills, so people can pick them up on the same day every month. It is performed by pharmacies, and it helps avoid the likelihood of people missing their doses.

How Medication Synchronization Works

So, how do you get your pharmacist to synchronize your medication?

First off, you need to talk to your pharmacy about enrolling in medication synchronization. You can also find a local pharmacy that can accommodate your request. Once you’re enrolled, your pharmacist will review your prescriptions and create a plan to synchronize all of them, so you will be able to pick them up on a single day every month.

The pharmacy would often confirm your pickup date a week prior and request that you complete any requirements before they can refill your prescriptions. After reviewing any changes, the pharmacy staff will prepare one package, which includes all your medication.

You can then pick up your medications on a scheduled date. The same process repeats every month. You can pick all the prescribed medications at once.

Why Should You Synchronize Your Medication?

People tend to miss their doses because they fail to refill their prescriptions before they run out of medications. Unfortunately, failing to take your medications can adversely affect your health. You place your health in serious jeopardy.

Through medication synchronization or med sync, you can get your local pharmacy to refill your prescription proactively so you will never miss taking your medication. They will work closely with you to make sure that you get your medications regularly.

Pharmacies do not usually charge an additional cost for med sync. Oftentimes, the pharmacy will dispense a shorter or longer medication supply for your pick up.

5 Benefits of Medication Synchronization

Adherence to medication schedule

Medication synchronization helps ensure that you adhere to your medication schedule. From meeting the correct dosage, taking the medications at proper intervals, and not failing to take any of your medications, med sync ensures that you will have the right medications at all times.

Improvement of health

Med sync can help improve your health. Oftentimes, long-term medications are prescribed to patients with serious chronic illnesses or who are at risk of developing health conditions. With synchronization, patients can get a steady supply of medications before they run out.

Best value of money

With med sync, people get the best value for their money. The expenses one would incur with getting their prescriptions filled also include the cost of doctor’s checkup and other expenses. When you miss out on taking your meds, you also end up wasting your money. With med sync, you do not waste a single cent.


If you are taking several medications, it can be time-consuming to keep going back to the pharmacy for your medications. With med sync, you only need to make one trip per month.

med sync


Eases the Burden

If you are taking care of a loved one with multiple prescriptions, med sync will help ease the burden for caregivers like you. There is so much to think of — doctor’s appointments, meals, basic needs, and medications. Med sync helps ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting regular refills.

If you are considering medication synchronization, get in touch with us today, and we will help you get all your medications at a single date every month.