7 Benefits of an Independent Compounding Pharmacy

In the recent years, compounding system has become one of the most popular methods of obtaining the right prescription. Compounding is the process of creating a specific medication that is tailored to meet the specific needs of customers.


A lot of medicines that are produced on a mass scale or those that are commercially marketed, do not meet the particular needs of most patients. Our independent pharmacies in Charlotte, NC and Lancaster, SC provide exceptional compounding for your prescriptions.


At Carolina Pharmacy, our licensed pharmacists use the latest and most advanced techniques in non-sterile compounding. Our goal is to provide you the healthcare that you and your family deserve.


Our Charlotte, Lancaster, Arboretum and Rock Hill Carolina Pharmacies provide a compounding system that infuses multiple non-sterile ingredients to meet your specific and prescribed medication. Here are 7 amazing benefits of having an independent compounding pharmacy near you:


1. It Provides Personalized Medication

Commercialized medicines are produced with a standard dosage, like 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 300mg, 400mg, and 500mg. There are prescriptions, however, that need particular dosages.  Your physician may prescribe less than the smallest available dosage in the market, or a more maximum dosage.  


In some instances, patients would divide the pill or tablet into pieces thinking that it can meet the prescribed dosage. Compounding pharmacies provide a better option for dosages that are not available on the market.

Carolina Pharmacy provides compounding of your medication for a more accurate dosage as prescribed by your physician. Our goal is to provide a personalized medication to meet your specific healthcare needs.


2. It Offers Convenience

Some medications prescribe patients to drink two or more medicines at one time. This can be very troublesome to patients especially those who are in their senior years. It may be difficult for some patients to remember all the medicines that they need to drink at one particular time.

With compounding, your trusted pharmacists may combine multiple medicines into one compounded capsule. This way, patients may prevent the possibility of skipping or forgetting 1 or more medicine.


3. It Provides Access to Medications that are No Longer Offered Commercially

There are medications that have been discontinued commercially. Patients who are prescribed with these medications tend to stop drinking the medicine as well. Compounding pharmacies offer the best solution for medicines whose production has been ceased.  

With our Carolina Pharmacy compounding system, we can give access to your discontinued medication. We compound high-quality medicine-grade ingredients while using the most advanced technologies and the latest research and control process in formulating your discontinued medicines.


4. It Produces Unique Treatments

Compounding pharmacies offer special formulas such as ointment for diaper rash, homeopathic treatments, or cream for pets.  Most of these special creams or medicines are not available in the market.


With compounding systems, licensed pharmacists can compound medical ingredients to produce unique treatments that can help treat and alleviate discomfort for patients.  

Carolina Pharmacy offers the compounding of homeopathic medicines and topical creams or ointments to meet the healthcare needs of your entire family.


5. It Helps Children Drink Their Medicine

Not all pediatric medicines taste fruity or sweet. There are medications for children that taste truly awful or overly bitter.


Kids do not have the stance that adults have in tolerating pain or discomfort when they are sick.  Kids get irritated even more when they are forced to drink medicines that are bitter. The truth is, even some adults hate it when they are prescribed with medications that taste terrible.


At Carolina Pharmacy, we can provide a sweeter and tastier option to help kids drink their medicines without getting into too much fuss. We provide a wide array of flavors and doses.


6.  It Helps Prevent Allergic Reactions

Commercially manufactured medicines follow a set of dosages and ingredients. There are patients who have an adverse or allergic reaction to certain medications.  


With pharmaceutical compounding, allergic reactions to medicines may be prevented.  Compounding is designed to meet every patient’s medical needs. Compounded medicines are tailored to produce cure or positive effects on the body.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we can compound your medication while eliminating the ingredients that may cause an adverse effect on your body. Compounding aims to help patients prevent or reduce the risk of incurring allergic reaction while taking their medication. Our goal is to help you make healthy choices for life.


7.  It Costs Less

Compounding Pharmacies have access to pure, premium medical-grade chemicals that often have lower costs. This makes compounded medicines less expensive than commercialized drugs.


Independent compounding pharmacies tend to eliminate the use of designer dyes and preservatives patented by drug manufacturing companies. Without the cost of patenting and expensive drug components, compounded medications are significantly cheaper than those available in the market.


Our compounding pharmacies ensure high-quality yet affordable personalized medication that is beneficial to your health. At Carolina Pharmacy, patient care is our priority!


Our pharmacies in Hwy 9 Bypass and Airport Road Lancaster, Arboretum, Meeting Street, Cotswold, and Rock Hill will compound your prescription and deliver them directly to your doorstep.  Contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM to learn more about our independent compounding pharmacy.