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Carolina Pharmacy offers compounding or personalized medication for a more accurate dosage and to meet your specific and prescribed healthcare needs.

What is Compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding is the preparation or creation of a patient’s medication based on his or her unique and special medical preferences. This process is practiced by licensed pharmacists to provide patients with the necessary drug amount or ingredient for a particular medication.

Drugs and medicines have been part of commercial mass production and their components have also been generalized. This made them more or less inaccurate to the prescribed needs of patients.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we offer the latest non-sterile compounding system. Non-sterile compounding is the process of compounding medicines that are taken orally or that are applied topically.

We infuse multiple non-sterile ingredients to a single mixture and compound creams or gels based on your prescription. We offer a compounding system for a more accurate dosage based on your physician’s prescription.

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Compounding is a personalized medication to cater to your healthcare needs.  Here at Carolina Pharmacy, patient care is our priority!

At Carolina Pharmacy, we do not just compound your prescription, we can also have them delivered to your home or office.

For your compounding needs, visit our pharmacies in Woodland Drive, Meeting Street, and Airport Road, Lancaster, Arboretum, Rock Hill and Cotswold. You may contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM.

Compounding (non-sterile)

Benefits of Compounding

Compounding in pharmacies continues to grow in popularity because of its benefits. One of the benefits of compounding is the customization of taste. We offer a wide array of flavors and dosages to make your child’s prescription a tasteful medical option.

Compounding offers accessibility to discontinued medication. We compound quality pharmaceutical ingredients using the latest technology, research, and control process.

Our licensed pharmacists can formulate medications that are allergy-free while preserving its prescribed health benefits. We use only safe pharmaceutical ingredients to suit your prescription needs. We can also compound several medications into one single dose, making it easier to drink multiple medicines. Compounding may also help you avoid forgetting or getting confused on which one to take at a particular time.

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At Carolina Pharmacy we care about our patients. Here, we offer a wide variety of services that our patients can choose from to help improve their health.

Being locally owned enables us to take time needed to provide better and more personalized care, making it a breeze for you and your family to manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle with our fast services, convenient medication delivery, newsletters and more. Living healthily has never been this easy!

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