What is Medication Adherence Packaging?

Medication adherence packaging is the means by which a 31-day medication is sealed in a medical grade packaging for better compliance in medicine intake. It is a means by which a patient can keep better track of his or her medication.

Over the years, medication adherence has become a major problem among patients, especially those who are prescribed with more than one medicine. Medication non-adherence has taken the toll on non-compliance in prescription and an increased risk of health complications.

What is medication non-adherence?

According to research, about 70% of American adults are prescribed with more than 1 medicine but many of these patients struggle in complying with their medication. Medication non-adherence has greatly affected the increase in mortality if not the risk of developing chronic diseases. Medication non-adherence is not just a problem in the U.S. but a global health problem.

Medication adherence is important for treating chronic and acute health conditions. It helps to take the right dose of medication at the right time and in the right way.

What keeps patients from complying with their medication?

  • Complicated regimens
  • Access to the pharmacy
  • Cost of medication

Carolina Pharmacy offers a packaging innovation for medication adherence. It is a safe packaging for quality medicines that can hold medication for 31 days and for up to 8 kinds of medicine per day. With this packaging innovation, patients can maximize their medication.

How Can Medication Adherence Packaging Maximize Your Medication

Medication adherence packaging indicates the prescription of your health provider and how the medication should be taken. This approach to medication adherence is proven effective for many patients.

Here are some ways by which medication adherence packaging can maximize your medication:

#1 Helps Keep Track of Your Medication Schedule

Medication adherence packaging indicates the time and day that your medicine should be taken. With this packaging approach, you would know when you missed out on your medication. It also indicates the time when you should call your pharmacist for a refill.

#2 Provides Unit Dose Packaging

If you are taking more than one type of medicine, the medication adherence packaging can help you keep track of your prescription doses. It provides compliance-prompting calendar packs that prompt a patient to drink a unit dose of his or her medication at a specific time and day.

#3 Increased Medication Compliance

Medication adherence packaging helps increase the compliance rate of taking the right dose of medication at the right time as prescribed by your health practitioners. When medication is properly complied with, there are fewer risks of developing chronic diseases or health complications.

Medication adherence packaging can be very beneficial to many patients. Not only does it keep track of your medicine intake, but it also promotes improved health. For patients who want to make their medication routine more efficient, it is best to visit the pharmacy near you and ask about medication adherence.

How to Get Medication Adherence Packaging

Adherence packaging offers convenience for patients as it simplifies complex medication regimens especially for adults in their senior years. Here are 3 simple ways on how you can get an adherence packaging for your medication:

#1 Work with Your Physician and Trusted Pharmacist

When your physician provides a prescription for your medication, every detail in your prescription should be shared with your pharmacist to ensure proper dispensing of medication. Carolina Pharmacy provides compounding of medication to ensure that you get the proper dosage for your medication adherence.

#2 Coordinate Your Prescription Refills with Your Pharmacist

Your medication adherence packaging should also indicate the schedule for your next prescription refill. This helps boost medication compliance even more. Carolina Pharmacy provides exceptional services in terms of prescription refill including email and text reminders and delivery of medicines to your doorstep. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your medication.

#3 Consult Your Pharmacist About Medication Adherence

While your physician provides a prescription that works for your health condition, it is best to consult your pharmacist on how adherence packaging can be applied to your medical regimen. We offer a new innovation in medication adherence. Our blister packaging may contain up to 31 days of medication and with a maximum of 8 pills per day.

Carolina Pharmacy offers a new form of pill packaging called the PakMyMeds. This indicates the patient’s name, exact time and day that the medication should be taken, and all the medication in each pack. This makes it easier for patients to keep up with the medications, especially for elderly patients.

We can also provide medication synchronization to ensure that patients get their prescription monthly. You may visit Carolina Pharmacy for your monthly prescription or sign up for a delivery option.

We provide a safe packaging for quality yet affordable medication. Our blister packaging is heat-sealed with cardboard backing and a plastic bubble sheet. The packaging provides an indication in terms of doses and schedule of medication. This allows a more optimum way of complying with your medication.

Contact us today at 1-833-MY-PHARM to learn more about medication adherence and PakMyMeds packaging.