7 Healthy Habits You Need to Adopt in 2022

Adopting new healthy habits is very challenging, no doubt. Let’s face the fact, it is challenging to change your diet, and even more difficult to commit to exercising for physical fitness every morning. 

You probably had a list of healthy habits you planned to adopt into your lifestyle in 2021. This may not have worked out as you had hoped. But 2021 is now done and dusted. What we can do is to make 2022 work by committing to achieve our health goals. Here are the seven habits you need to adopt to build a healthy life in 2022.

Cut Down on Sugars

A lot of individuals eat more sugar than necessary. Sugar-rich diets are bad for your health and overall well-being. Hence, sugars in carbonated drinks, sweets, candies, and many processed foods are also unhealthy. 

Different health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and dental issues, have been linked to sugars. For optimal health, the WHO advises no more than 5% of calories from added sugars. 

Although it is challenging to keep up with this limit, you can achieve it by reducing your daily consumption of sugary drinks or opting for sugar-free drinks.

Schedule Exercises in Your Daily Activities

If you’re struggling with squeezing exercises into your daily activities, then you’re not alone. Despite people’s best and honest intentions, they still find themselves struggling to exercise even for just once within a week. 

But when you think about exercises, what comes to your mind? Lifting heavy weights? Rounds of pushups? You can begin with low-intensity exercises like walking the dog or doing sit-ups. Short jogs down the street are also great for your physical health.

When you get used to these, you can move to moderate-to-high intensity exercises, such as basketball, soccer, or running. Just ensure to exercise efficiently and be consistent without burning yourself out.

Commit To Consuming More Fruits and Vegetables

Achieving your nutritional health goals for 2022 includes consuming more fruits and vegetables. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet may look difficult, but the health benefits are well worth it. 

Fruits and vegetables have powerful antioxidant properties that help to reduce blood pressure and prevent stroke. They also help to combat infections by boosting the immune system. 

Additionally, you can set a goal to try a variety of fruits and vegetables from time to time. This enables you to benefit from the different types of minerals in various types of fruits and vegetables.

Get Fit but in a Fun Way

The health benefits of physical fitness can never be over-emphasized. Apart from controlling your weight, keeping fit helps you combat certain health conditions and diseases, such as stroke, heart problems, arthritis, and more. 

Additionally, it combats depressive moods by boosting your energy. For best results, exercise in a fun way. Make it social!. It can be as simple as taking weekend dances or hiking. When you do this, you’re getting fit naturally without making it look like a big deal.

Get Enough Sleep Daily

Good sleep has some surprising health benefits. Good sleep forms a very vital part of your brain functioning. Hence, your cognition, memory, and decision-making skills are highly dependent on your sleep quality. Poor sleep quality can be a major contributing factor to sleep disorders, heart diseases, blood sugar levels, and body weight. 

Moreover, if your focus is to boost your productivity in 2022, you can begin by improving your sleep. One of the leading causes of poor performance and concentration has been linked to sleep deprivation. 

Although individual sleep needs vary, experts have suggested that adults need an average of seven or more hours of sleep per day.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

The fact that about 60% of the human body is composed of water is enough proof that the body loves water. For optimal physical body function, mental performance, and internal environment, you need to drink enough water. A body lacking enough water is not a healthy one. It leads to fatigue and altered body function. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest to keep your body at its best in 2022.

Work on Improving Your Posture

Beyond just exercises and physical fitness, maintaining a good posture is critical to your well-being and overall health. If you suffer from chronic pain, such as back or shoulder pain, working on your posture can be the easiest and most affordable way to manage it. 

Improving your posture makes you breathe better and improves your mood and digestion. Additionally, improving your posture boosts your energy and affords you greater function as you age.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we’re committed to helping you achieve your health goals through quality pharmaceutical services. Contact us for information on our pharmaceutical services to learn how you can adopt healthy habits this year. Visit one of our pharmacies in Charlotte, Lancaster, and Rock Hill.

How Patients Can Benefit From Pharmaceutical Delivery Services

Now more than ever, easy access to quick and convenient medical care is an important aspect of efficient pharmaceutical care services. There are situations when a patient may not be able to drive to a pharmacy because of illness, social distancing, or any other reason.  

A pharmacy delivery service provides easy and convenient access to patients’ medication needs through a doorstep delivery. Including a pharmacy delivery service as part of your comprehensive healthcare management program may be the best investment to take into your health. This is especially beneficial for those currently taking multiple medications. 

Imagine having to cope with multiple medications at different intervals with each coming with its own different sets of instructions. 

But, if all your medications are delivered at once on your doorstep and sorted appropriately in a single package with clear instructions on the best way to take them, there’s no doubt that this would make life easier for every patient. Read on to discover more benefits of medication delivery service:

Easy and More Convenient Access to Your Medication Needs

Medication delivery service, either online or through the telephone, allows convenient access to medications. Patients can benefit from this convenient access to medications, especially in emergencies. 

During these events, rushing to a pharmacy may not be the best option. A phone call to a pharmacy that offers a medication delivery service allows you to confirm the availability of needed medications and request faster doorstep delivery

Moreover, easier access to pharmaceutical services through medication delivery ensures improvement of therapeutic outcomes for patients since they will get their medications immediately.

Better Medication Adherence

Non-compliance with medication use poses a serious health concern. Patients usually have many reasons to skip their medication use. While some are voluntary, many are also a result of inconveniences in accessing medications and poor understanding of medication use regimens, especially when medications are obtained from different sources

Pharmacy delivery services make provisions for bedside deliveries and even ensure that patients with chronic illness have their medications delivered to them on a regular basis as needed. Adherence is further enhanced through automated reminders and compliance packaging. 

Beyond adherence, pharmacy medication delivery service also improves safety because of a nearly-perfect dispensing accuracy. Hence, unwanted medication-related adverse events can be avoided since you will get personalized advice and proper packaging on the right use of the medicine.

That includes the correct dose, interval, and time to take prescribed medications and when not to use the medications.

Additional Money Savings

You are likely to pay more in dispensary fees the more frequently you receive a fill. However, a customized medication therapy management program that accommodates home delivery of your medications on a weekly or monthly basis saves you more money. 

Imagine just having to schedule your medication orders online or through a phone call without having to waste time and money driving to a trusted pharmacy. Beyond saving you money, it also gives you greater control over healthcare costs over the long term. So, there’s usually no medical wastage because patients get only the medications they need.

Additionally, medication use errors are reduced, and expenses that come with managing medication errors on the part of the patient are also minimized. 

Quick and Automatic Processing of Medication Refills

Another benefit of having a pharmacy delivery service for patients is the greater efficiency achieved through the automatic processing of refills. Once you send a delivery order, you get documented electronic evidence that ensures that you get the right types and quantities of medications in the correct doses, dosage forms, time, and condition. 

Beyond getting easy access to your medication needs, automatic processing of medication refills also promotes medication adherence in patients. This enhances the quality of care for patients.

Medication Advice by Telephone

There are several aspects to drug therapy care. Patients need better access to information beyond just how to take their medications. For instance, patients need more information on how to manage possible side effects. 

Medication advise by telephone results in efficient patient counseling. Patients who desire more private consultation services and longer counseling duration also enjoy enhanced satisfaction with care.

Similarly, they also need advice on how to manage certain interactions with food or other drugs that they may experience while using the medication. 

Patients can easily get answers to these questions when they have their medications processed and delivered to them and benefit from medication therapy management via the telephone. 


At Carolina Pharmacy, we provide client-centered convenient care through personalized prescription delivery services. Even if you cannot leave your workplace or home, we are available to deliver the medications to you at your convenience. Feel free to contact us for your medication delivery in Charlotte, Lancaster, and Rock Hill.

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7 – get a free consultation today!

 The fall Medicare Open Enrollment Period for 2022 Medicare coverage is October 15 December 7, 2021.

Medicare Open Enrollment is the time where you can enroll in Medicare for the first time or assess your current enrollment and determine if it is the best one to fit your needs. You can also make the decision to switch plans if what you’re currently enrolled in will not fit your needs in the following year.

If Medicare enrollment and benefits seem overwhelming, you’re not alone – it can be confusing to navigate, especially if you’re newly eligible. As you near the age for Medicare qualification, you should make it a priority to understand how enrollment works so that you can find the best plan and avoid late enrollment fees.

Carolina Pharmacy is currently offering free consultations to help you enroll in the right Medicare plan. Together, you and our Medicare enrollment consultant will review your health needs to help you determine:

  • How you can save money on health care, such as lower premiums and/or copays
  • If your current medications and providers will remain in-network in your plan in 2022
  • If Original Medicare Enrollment is an option and if you are eligible to enroll before age 65
  • What a Medicare Supplement plan is and if you need one

Contact us today for your FREE consultation! Fill out our online form or call 866-846-8809, just mention Carolina Pharmacy!

Travel & Testing During COVID-19: Everything You Need To Know

Passenger flights and even road travels have been hugely impacted since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, a 64.6% decline in global passenger traffic has been reported. Recently, there’s been increasing demand among government agencies to restore confidence in travel during the pandemic.

This is evident from the increasing number of available travel guidelines and testing requirements. Although traveling requirements may exist during this pandemic if you have the right information and follow the right travel advice you will be able to navigate your travels hassle-free.

If you’re planning to travel for work or vacation, do not get overwhelmed with the various testing requirements and guidelines. It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling to, what is needed is the right information concerning traveling requirements in your destination.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about traveling requirements during this pandemic and how Carolina Pharmacy’s travel assistance program can help you plan a safe, smooth, and seamless experience for both domestic and international travels.

What to Know Before You Travel

COVID-19 has changed the nature of traveling, no doubt. The major deciding factor for traveling during the ongoing pandemic is safety

You will need to have all your safety essentials such as gloves, sanitizers, masks, and more ready to guarantee your safety while traveling. Finally, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic guidelines to ensure your safety. Don’t get overwhelmed; we will simplify all traveling requirements in your destination country in this guide. 

To ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the various information, and testing requirements out there, our Concierge Travel Services & Assistance Program also covers helping our patients determine the necessary travel requirements to make your trips stress-free. We will provide you with all the travel requirements, required tests, and necessary documentation. 

Traveling Requirements, Restrictions, & Situations

Hassle-free domestic and international traveling during COVID-19 may require certain preparations and documentation. The requirements and documentation vary from country to country. While you can travel to many countries with just a vaccine card, some airlines may have their own requirements or may require testing. If testing is required, the number of days you need to test prior to departure varies depending on the country and your vaccination status.

To ensure that you have a hassle-free trip, we will help you make the right preparations beforehand by:

  • Helping you gather key information about different travel requirements for your destination and planning a safe and seamless trip for you. 
  • Gathering the latest travel advice for your destination and helping you prepare important travel documents. 
  • Being in charge of your health needs through our Travel Medication Management program, and providing the necessary information that will keep you safe and healthy during your travels.

Considerations for Susceptible Individuals

Specific groups of people have an increased risk for severe illness. Immunocompromised individuals, pregnant people, older adults, children, and people with one or more existing medical conditions may have slightly different requirements. If you fall into this category and are concerned about travel requirements, schedule an appointment with our experienced staff to determine if you need any precautions for your destination.

What Travelers Need To Know About Safety in Hotels & Other Lodging

Travelers should follow basic safety guidelines in hotels and similar accommodation establishments. Ensure to constantly wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Before going into public places such as restaurants or halls, be sure to wear face masks and maintain social distancing. 

Safety Recommendations When You Travel

Before you travel, plan ahead to keep yourself and everyone safe. When you fly, you may be required to wear a facemask. Try as much as possible to avoid touching surfaces. Also, keep a portable hand sanitizer to clean airplane seats, armrests, certain buttons, and restroom door handles, practice social distancing, and avoid close contacts. These recommendations and safety guidelines also hold for road travels.

Safe & Smooth Journeys With Carolina Pharmacy’s Travel Assistance Program

Carolina Pharmacy offers comprehensive travel testing assistance such as diagnostic COVID-19 testing with full laboratory results and certain documentation that you may present as part of the requirement for proof of negative COVID-19 test for destinations or airlines where that is required.

Your safety is very important to us during these trying times, so we are prepared to provide the needed support to ensure that you can keep up with your personal lives and business even during these unprecedented times. If you are currently taking one or more medications, we’ve also got you covered through our Travel Medication Management Program. We make your traveling hassle-free with organized and convenient packaging.

Feel free to contact us for detailed concierge travel planning assistance to make your traveling seamless and help keep you safe when you travel. Let us handle the travel requirements and documentation. For more information, schedule an appointment for COVID-19 travel & testing assistance in Charlotte, Lancaster, and Rock Hill.

Managing Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines

Just like normal medications, all vaccines also have one or more side effects, and COVID-19 vaccines are no exception. Across the globe, about 45% of the world population has received at least a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The most widely reported side effectsfollowing the administration of COVID-19 vaccines are headaches, chills, soreness at the injection site, flu-like symptoms, and muscle aches. In all cases, these side effects are usually mild, and they usually last for only about 24 – 48 hours. 

Maybe you’re preparing to get your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or you have recently gotten your first dose, you may or may not experience these side effects. Read on to discover the possible side effects and how you can effectively manage them.

Common Side Effects Following COVID-19 Vaccinations

Soreness at the Injection Site

Soreness at the injection site is typical of intramuscular injections and is very common. COVID-19 vaccines are no exception. So, it’s not a big deal. Soreness from COVID-19 vaccines is usually characterized by redness and tenderness. 

Although it may be annoying at first, soreness demonstrates that your body is developing an immune response against the vaccine, which helps your body build immunity against the coronavirus.

It is crucial to understand that not everyone responds the same way. So, it doesn’t mean your body is not developing immunity if you do not get a sore arm after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Muscle Aches

Since the vaccine is usually administered intramuscularly, some discomfort in the form of muscle aches is typical. When you experience these types of reactions, just know that your immune system is responding exactly the way it’s supposed to react. Occasionally, muscle aches may hinder your ability to perform usual daily activities. Still, they usually go away in about a day or two depending on how fast your immune system responds to the vaccine. Similarly, the absence of muscle pain is also normal for some individuals. 

Fever and Fatigue

This is the chief symptom that is often most pronounced twenty-four hours following a COVID-19 vaccination. It is fine to sleep if you experience a fever after taking your first or second dose of the vaccine.  Be sure to also drink enough water to stay hydrated and continue adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Headaches are common side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, evidence suggests that roughly 10% of individuals experience one or more forms of headaches and fatigue following the COVID-19 vaccination. Depending on the individual, the severity of the headache may range from mild to even migraine headaches where there is occasional nausea and sensitivity to flashing lights. But, in any case, symptoms usually subside within a day or two.

What to Do to Manage COVID-19 Side Effects

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, and they protect individuals from complications of COVID-19. Side effects are normal, although not everyone experiences these side effects and the degree varies in different individuals. 

But in any case, here are a few tips to help you control and manage the various types of side effects that may develop:

  • Stay hydrated after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that people drink lots of fluids and try their best to dress lightly to reduce symptoms such as fever, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Poor sleep may prolong recovery from the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. Ensure to get enough sleep after taking the vaccine. Limit physical activity, rest well and get plenty of sleep.
  • If you experience soreness, stiffness, and muscle aches around the injection site, try as much as possible to move your arms. Understandably, this may cause more discomfort, but it helps improve blood flow around the injection site which relieves local inflammation and soreness.
  • Occasionally, you may experience pain around the injection site. You can apply ice packs or cool, wet cloth to ease the pain around the injection site.
  • If you still feel pain that doesn’t go away after applying ice packs around the sore area, you may take over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen but only when necessary, and if you have no medical condition that will prevent you from taking them under normal circumstances.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and the occurrence of side effects following COVID-19 vaccination is normal. As a safety measure, ensure to remain still for about 15 minutes after receiving a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to watch for the occurrence of adverse effects, which may occur in very rare cases. 

It takes time to build full protection after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Hence, even after receiving your first and second doses of the vaccine, ensure to adhere strictly to COVID-19 safety guidelines

At Carolina Pharmacy, we are committed to bringing you quality healthcare during these unprecedented times through quality pharmaceutical services. Contact us today for more information on COVID-19 testing, and COVID-19 vaccination in Charlotte, Lancaster, and Rock Hill.


Gardening Tip: Fall Root Vegetables

It’s time to get your seeds in the ground for root vegetables in North Carolina! Carrots, beets, rutabaga, turnips, radishes etc. are all excellent root vegetables that can be sewn directly into the soil in September and October. Before planting, make sure you have a nice composted soil with ample sunlight and access to a water source. Note the seed spacing requirements on your seed packet and thin your plants accordingly. Check out this gardening calendar for more information:


Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe

  • 1cup spinach
  • 1/2beet, peeled and chopped
  • 1small piece of ginger root
  • 1 small piece of turmeric root
  • 1cup coconut water
  • 1/2orange, peeled
  • 1cup blueberries
  • 1tsp coconut oil
  • 1 cup of ice

Blend ingredients together, adding extra liquid as needed. You may wish to add extra protein which can be done with hemp hearts or a protein powder. If you are trying to add extra protein to your diet, try adding flax seed or psyllium husk to your smoothies.

5 reasons to consult with an independent pharmacist

5 reasons to consult with an independent pharmacist

It’s easy to focus on the quickest and easiest way to pick up our prescriptions. But did you know there’s a difference when it comes to what type of pharmacy you choose?/p>

An independent pharmacy is a retail pharmacy not directly affiliated with any pharmaceutical chain. It is not owned or operated by a publicly traded company, but is a pharmacist-owned, private business. While public companies such as chain pharmacies tend to operate more as a business that simply distribute medicine, privately held independent pharmacies are typically more patient-oriented.

In other words, as a patient, you can rely on independent pharmacies to be there to offer care when you need it. Here are five reasons why you should make the switch.

Independent pharmacies are present for their patients

Independent pharmacies are geared toward patient service and have more time to answer patient questions, compared to oversaturated corporate chain retailers.

Independent pharmacies manage medications

At a private retailer, you can expect a diligent professional ready to manage your prescription medications with you. Independent pharmacies generally know their customers well, including what prescriptions they take, and are able to personally advise on medication management so that it benefits your health in the best way possible.

Independent pharmacies advise on over the counter (OTC) medications

Independent pharmacists are the next step in patient care after physicians and are trained to take on subsequent steps helping patients navigate medications. While you have the power to make OTC decisions on your own, independent pharmacists can advise you on side effects, price, coverage, and other factors that determine a good fit.

Independent pharmacies can educate you on side effects

This is a nuanced service you won’t likely find at a chain. The staff of a private pharmacy will take the time to apply their expertise guiding patients through navigating the best individual decisions when it comes to choosing a medication.

Independent pharmacies are stewards for fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Competent and vigilant pharmaceutical experts contribute to curbing antimicrobial resistance, or AMR, the phenomenon of over-prescribing antibiotics to patients who do not need them, and perpetuating a growing resistance to antibiotic medicines. This is a great threat to public health, as losing our efficacy against bacterial infections will put more people at risk of serious illness or death from treatable diseases.

Independent pharmacies are more prone to catch mis-prescribed medications for patients who do not need them.

If you want more attention to your specific care needs, private and independent pharmacies are the ideal choice. We invite you to consult with our team at Carolina Pharmacy for comprehensive guidance on your medications from our trained pharmacist professionals.


What to know about compounding pharmacies and safety

compounding pharmacies and safety

The process of compounding allows the creation of pharmaceutical grade medicines formulated for individual patient needs. You may turn to compounding services when mass-produced drugs do not meet your specific needs or you cannot use the drug in its commercially available form.

(Fun fact: Animals are candidates for compounding, too!)

Examples of compounding may include:

How do I know if my medication is compounded?

A physician or medical provider will help you decide if a compounding medication is right for you and will write a compounding prescription for a pharmacy on your behalf. If you are unsure if your medication is compounded, ask whether it is compounded or was manufactured by a drug company.

Who regulates compounding pharmacies?

There are several entities that oversee various aspects of compounding pharmacies:

Carolina Pharmacy is a certified compounding pharmacy through the LP3 network.

We specialize in compounding and have a modern compounding lab at our Arboretum location that is compliant with new USP800 compounding guidelines. The compounding lab makes the compounds for all Carolina Pharmacy locations. Patients have the option to pick up their compounded medications at the store of their choice or have the medications mailed or delivered directly to them.

What else to know about the safety of Carolina Pharmacy compounding

With more than 15 years of experience in compounding, Carolina Pharmacy takes great pride in the quality and safety of our compounding practices and our formulations. We use only bio-identical hormones in our compounds and pure bulk ingredients from industry trusted suppliers. We utilize good manufacturing practice processes (GMP) for our compounds and have quality assurance measures in place to provide safe and consistent products to our patients.

(Fun fact – while we now offer a state-of-the-art compounding lab, our original Carolina Pharmacy location (the former Walker Drug in the Cotswold neighborhood of Charlotte) was established in 1918 – making it one of the oldest compounding pharmacies in Charlotte!)

There are many benefits to using an independent pharmacy like Carolina Pharmacy for compounding needs, including expert knowledge, modern technology, and high-quality ingredients. If you need compounded medications, talk to your physician or call one of our locations to consult with a pharmacist more about the compounding process.

What is elderberry?


If you follow superfood hype, you’ve probably heard of elderberry. This mysterious food has a reputation for healing acne, curing colds and flu, and even preventing COVID-19. But can it back up those claims?

Elderberrymysterious superfood, or marketing hoax?

Elderberry, as the name suggests, is a berry grown from the Sambucus tree. In the summer, these trees blossom brilliant star-shaped flowers. Because the Sambucus tree grows fast, its foliage is a popular landscaping border. But its blueish black berries are its true claim to fame.

Both the Sambucus tree flowers and berries are edible but must be cooked first before consumption. In raw form, the berries are toxic and can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Today, you can find this beloved berry in nearly any physical form, from syrups to powders to gummies to tablets. Its rich, dark color and pretty name add to its intrigue, and its cross-cultural influence spans from Indiginous peoples to Europeans to many nations of Asia. Even ancient Egyptians turned to these berries to help improve complexion and soothe burns.

How elderberry became popular 

Despite its trendiness in modern culture, elderberry has been touted as a mega-food for nutritional and medicinal use for centuries. Its European origin began in Scandinavia and spread throughout the world from there. Some ailments it’s been used for include:

So, what’s true and what’s folklore?

Benefit #1: Immunity

Arguably the biggest draw to the elderberry market is its alleged immunity boost. Prior studies have shown that elderberries show signs of antioxidant and antiviral properties and may reduce the severity and longevity of cold and flu symptoms. Other studies have shown an apparent link to elderberry easing upper respiratory issues. While some experts suggest that more research is needed, many people claim that elderberry does help ease these ailments.

Benefit #2: Reducing acne

Next, elderberry has high amounts of flavinoids, making it a strong contender for a skincare product. Flavinoids have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – great for clearing free radicals that cause skin issues…so much so that the American Nutrition Association (ANA) has identified elderberry face wash as a viable option for clearing acne.

Benefit #3: Nutritional value

Elderberry does contain several important nutrients. These include Vitamins A and C, potassium, folate, calcium, and iron (great for women, who are more prone to iron deficiencies).

It’s also dense in fiber, which improves bowel function, prevents constipation, and reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Elderberry and COVID-19

Some people have claimed that elderberry can also act preventatively against infection from COVID-19. This is misinformation; there is no evidence supporting elderberry having any affect on preventing or mitigating COVID-19. The FDA, in fact, has sought legal action against companies that have promoted these claims about elderberry to curb the spread of misinformation.

Bottom line

Elderberry has several nutrients that make it a great supplemental addition to your diet. While you should always stick with the old-fashioned way to feed your body the nutrients it needs-with fruits and vegetables-elderberry can act as a helpful supplement, for the same reason you might take a daily vitamin. While elderberries are not harmful to consume (so long as they’re cooked first), and in fact can be helpful in providing an immunity boost.

Consult your physician if you suspect you may have a deficiency and may benefit from taking a supplement.


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