Sure, you may have regular questions for your pharmacist when you pick up your medications. But according to Taylor Fortson, pharmacist with Carolina Pharmacy, there are many frequently un-asked questions too — important questions that customers just don’t tend to ask.

Read on to learn what questions you might want to mull over before your next pharmacy visit (and psst, check out our Frequently Asked Questions here).

It’s quite easy to transfer prescriptions to Carolina Pharmacy. Simply let your new pharmacist know you’d like to transfer, and they’ll reach out to your current pharmacy or doctor to make the arrangements.  Plus, Carolina Pharmacy offers incentives for transferring your prescriptions — make sure to ask!

Taking any medication without proper guidance and education can pose risks such as drug interactions, unwanted side effects, and exacerbated pre-existing health conditions. Pharmacists are one of the most accessible health care provider groups that can make sure you’re taking your medications safely and effectively.

Pharmacists offer more than just the flu shot – they can administer a wide variety of vaccines such as those for shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, and more — without a prescription. Talk with a Carolina Pharmacy staff member about which shots are right for you.

Pharmacists can help with a variety of health-related issues. As a community drugstore, Carolina Pharmacy can advise customers about blood sugar, blood pressure, and asthma control, and assist with smoking cessation and weight loss, in addition to medications. They can also work directly with your doctor to create a health regimen that works for you. Something else you didn’t know they do? Organize your medications into an easy-to-use packaging box at no extra cost.

No. Like other independent pharmacies, Carolina Pharmacy has to deal with low reimbursement from insurance companies. The job of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) such as Caremark and Express Scripts is to mediate between insurance plans and consumers to keep medication affordable and accessible.

Because PBMs have relationships with large pharmacy chains it allows them to negotiate better incentives for patients. This frequently causes independent pharmacies to lose customers to large chain pharmacies. To compensate, Carolina Pharmacy has expanded services to compete with pharmacy chains and better serve the community.