WSOC-TV Features Carolina Pharmacy In Making COVID-19 Tests Accessible To Everyone

As COVID-19 testing becomes a part of our norm this 2021, Carolina Pharmacy serves as COVID-19 testing sites in Charlotte, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Greenville, and Lake Norman. Since November 2020, our team extended our support to the local healthcare community by providing localized testing services such as curbside COVID antigen and RT-PCR tests.

In cooperation with Mako Medical Laboratories and the local health department, any patient that is either symptomatic or asymptomatic(no symptoms of COVID-19) can get tested in any of our testing sites. Patients are tested at the comfort of their vehicle to minimize close contact and avoid overcrowding,   

In addressing the public health concern about charging for COVID tests, our CEO Chi Patel explains to WSOC-TV why we bill patients for our COVID testing services. Carolina Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy in Charlotte, and we cannot bill insurance companies, unlike other community testing centers and hospitals. 

Though Carolina Pharmacy straight-up charges for COVID tests, patients can be assured that there will be no ‘surprise billing’ along the way. Our antigen tests are $120, and RT-PCR tests or molecular tests are at $160

Patients can also use their FSA and HSA to pay for COVID tests. Otherwise, we provide an email with an attached itemized receipt so patients can reimburse the testing costs to their respective insurance providers. 

Our frequent patients are those who need a negative test result for work and travel. Other hospitals and medical facilities also refer patients to us if they want to get same-day test results.  

Carolina Pharmacy aims to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus by identifying the active cases in our community. We believe that in our fight against the contagious COVID-19, we cannot solve what we cannot measure. COVID test results are the benchmark if we are successful in implementing stringent safety protocols. You can get tested in one of our testing sites below:


If you want to learn more about our testing policies, check our FAQs here. You may also schedule your tests now or contact us for more details. You can check out our monthly posts for more COVID updates and topics.    


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