Separating COVID-19 Testing & Vaccine Myths from The Facts

There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding COVID-19 testing and vaccines. Unfortunately, these myths are focused mainly on the tools we have for combating the virus. Testing and vaccination are important strategies that should not be overlooked. 

We’ve pooled together information from experts and verified resources so we can give folks the facts and debunk COVID-19 testing myths and COVID-19 vaccine misconceptions as well. Read on as we bring clarification concerning the several myths and facts around COVID-19 testing.

Myth 1: The COVID-19 Vaccine Alters The DNA

You’ve probably heard that COVID-19 vaccines alter your DNA. This isn’t true. It’s just a misconception around how the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines were made. These vaccines were made using a relatively new type of technology that utilizes messenger RNA (mRNA). 

These vaccines only use mRNA to carry the information, which is genetic instructions that will teach your immune system how to fight off the virus. The mRNA does not interfere with your own DNA, and as soon as they’re used, they are destroyed by your body system.

Myth 2: You Don’t Need The Vaccine If You’ve Had COVID-19

This is also another misconception regarding how vaccines train the body’s immune system to defend against infections. 

Natural infections train the immune system to develop a defense against the same infection as a secondary and more pronounced immune response. However, this takes time.

In the case of COVID-19, for instance, we’ve seen cases of individuals being reinfected with the virus even after being ill with it. How long it takes natural infection from COVID-19 to fully provide immunity from the disease is still not clear. 

The Centers for Diseases and Control (CDC) recommends that people who have already been ill with COVID should get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from getting infected with COVID-19.

Myth 3: COVID-19 Testing Leads To More COVID Cases

That’s not true. Soaring COVID-19 cases are not due to more COVID-19 testing. In fact, recovery from COVID-19 has improved, and death cases have reduced too. Soaring positive test results only mean COVID-19 is spreading uncontrollably in a given community. 

Hence, more testing even provides evidence on transmission rates with an environment so you can better protect yourselves and your loved ones. 

Myth 4: You Don’t Need To Stay Safe Since You’ve Been Vaccinated

Vaccination from COVID-19 is not a license to skip all recommended safety guidelines. You should stay safe, practice social distancing, and wear face masks too. 

Even if you just recently tested negative for COVID-19, you should still stay safe since COVID-19 tests are only snapshots in time and only showed that the test was negative at the time the test was conducted. 

So whether you’ve had your first, second, or booster dose of the vaccine, you should still stay safe to keep yourself and others safe.

Myth 5: Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine Actually Gives You COVID-19

A COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t make you sick with COVID-19. As a matter of fact, none of the currently authorized vaccines in the United States contain the live virus. 

Understandably, people usually experience a brief period of mild sickness, such as fever. shortly after taking the vaccines. But truly, much like any other vaccine against infectious diseases, this is how vaccines teach your immune system how to combat the infection

The development of vaccines is a closely monitored process with proven clinical trials. Hence, the brief period of minimal side effects that accompany COVID-19 vaccines only lasts for a while and does not mean you’ve actually contracted the infection.

COVID-19 Vaccines Pose Serious Adverse Effects

While it is common to experience minimal side effects such as fever, chills, and headaches from COVID-19 vaccines, these are normal since that’s how the vaccine trains your immune system to combat the infection. 

COVID-19 vaccines were subjected to closely monitored clinical trials before they were released to the public. So they’re safe and effective. Adverse effects are a very rare occurrence, and if they ever occur at all, that would be an idiosyncratic scenario.

Myth 7: The Vaccine Is Not Safe Since It Was Rushed

Converging lines of evidence have shown that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective. Also, the development of these vaccines involved methods that have been used for years. The quick launch of the vaccine to the public is a result of enough funding resources from governments and help from study volunteers who helped quicken the development process.

As we get through this pandemic together, Carolina Pharmacy will continue to provide support by providing accurate information on COVID-19 vaccines and testing. We offer COVID-19 vaccines in Charlotte, Lancaster, and Rock Hill. You may also schedule a COVID-19 test in Charlotte, Greenville, Rock Hill, and Lancaster.