Oral Tox Drugs Screening

What is an Oral Tox Drug Screening Test?

Our Oral Tox Drug Screening Tool is a rapid oral fluid drug test that delivers fast, accurate, and reliable results – anytime and anywhere. Our Oral Tox screening tool is much less invasive than other methods of testing, and direct observation during collection allows testing to be administered anytime and anywhere, drastically reducing adulteration concerns and staffing allocation requirements for your company.

The health and wellness of our community are really important to us! That’s why we have been providing COVID-19 testing in Charlotte and surrounding areas since the onset of the pandemic and continue to provide these services. You asked us to add more tests and that’s exactly what we are doing! We are proud to provide the following rapid diagnostic tests:

Providing COVID-19 and other testing is a very exhaustive and expensive service. We were one of the first to provide our community this valuable service during the pandemic and will continue to provide it under there is no need. Hopefully, sooner than later. As a small business, it is difficult to keep up with the need for such services when we have a large number of cancellations and no shows for scheduled appointments. We encourage our patients to schedule appointments only if they are sure they need them or if they are willing to reschedule or accept future test credit. Our team spends an incredible amount of time preparing for each test as soon as it is scheduled. As such, we have a no refund policy to protect our staff's time investment. To read our complete cancellation and refund policy, click here. If you have any specific questions, please email covidtesting@carolinapharmacy.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read our FAQs as it may help you better understand COVID-19 and testing services.

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