Cancellation/Refund Policy

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have provided COVID-19 testing for our communities. We have been met with an incredible amount of gratefulness from our patients and community. Unfortunately, a small number of individuals who schedule and reserve valuable test times (especially during times of high-test demand) attempt to cancel appointments last minute, after their test times, or simply do not show up and then file bank disputes with us. This has major repercussions in our ability to provide this service for our community. Our staff's time and effort are important so we respectfully request that our patients only schedule if they intend to keep their appointments, irrespective of other variables that may or may not affect their need to test. 

Please read carefully:

By scheduling a COVID-19 test with us, you agree to our refund policy. Regardless of your situation (trip cancellation, destination no longer requires you to test, finding an at-home test, visiting a doctor for a test, or other), once you schedule your appointment for COVID-19 testing, you agree to the charge and will not be refunded.

We offer you the ability to reschedule for another date/time (see your email confirmation to reschedule) or we can offer you free test voucher(s) that you or a loved one may use any time in the future for the same test type you had scheduled.

We genuinely would appreciate if you do not email us demanding a refund. This policy is in place because we spend a lot of time preparing for each test and generating test result forms/certificates for you in advance of your appointment. You are also reserving an appointment that may or may not be during a time of high-test demand. Please honor your appointment should you decide to schedule. 

Feel free to email us at if you want to discuss your situation with us. We want to help and make this as convenient and easy as possible for you. However, please do not expect a refund or use aggressive language with our staff. We are here to help you. 

NOTE: Please double check all your information above is correct for purposes of travel, employment, or other. Be mindful that corrections to the test results can take up to 24 hours. While we try to get things done as soon as possible, we ask that you double-check all your personal information (Full name, date of birth, passport info, etc.) is entered correctly above. I have read and agree to the terms above and agree to honor my appointment. *

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