WCNC Features Carolina Pharmacy as Independent Pharmacies Await the COVID-19 Vaccine

As vaccines roll out across North and South Carolina, many pharmacies are looking to help administer doses. They want to provide additional vaccination locations to give people more options in closer neighborhoods.

Like many pharmacies, Carolina Pharmacy is used to providing prescriptions, but we have also stepped up to the COVID-19 pandemic. Carolina Pharmacy provides medications, prescriptions, and COVID-19 testing in Charlotte and has been busy throughout the pandemic. We currently offer the Rapid antigen, Rapid RT-LAMP, and PCR tests in select locations.

Carolina Pharmacy is preparing for the day they get the vaccine and can help create a sense of normalcy. You can sign up for a vaccination waitlist as we get the process started.

For now, we are waiting our turn for the supply of the COVID shot. However, vaccine supply hasn’t kept up with demand. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 11.9% of the North Carolina population is fully vaccinated.

The North Carolina Health Department has distributed the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to four different pharmacies. There is an effort to expand distribution and build trust in underserved communities. 

Carolina Pharmacy wants to help its patients and take care of the community in an orderly way. As supplies increase, we are awaiting the call for vaccine rollouts. When we get the vaccine, we are prepared to administer it to hundreds of patients at a time.

The paperwork is in as our team waits for its spot to get the shot. 

Check out the news clip above from WCNC Charlotte featuring Carolina Pharmacy. Contact us for additional information or to schedule a COVID-19 test.