How Medication Synchronization Limits Physical Contact Amid COVID-19

During a pandemic, stakes are higher for those who are immunocompromised. Thanks to medication synchronization, high-risk patients no longer need to risk exposure to the virus for their medications. All it takes is one trip to the pharmacy or one delivery day to have all their medications.

4 Ways medication synchronization keeps you safe during a pandemic

Medication synchronization or med sync at Carolina Pharmacy enables our patients to pick up their prescription refills and other medications once or twice a month. Part of this patient care program is to remind our patients via text or email about their scheduled prescription refills so they won’t miss them and maintain their medication adherence.
With COVID-19, the med sync program can help you:


1. Avoid delays in prescription refills

Independent pharmacies track your next prescription refill and make sure that you can pick them up right before your stock empties out. The best thing about medication synchronization is the assurance and peace of mind of having your prescribed medications exactly when you need them.


2. Keep your stock of prescription medication in check

The pandemic has affected the global supply of essential needs due to the sudden and rapid widespread of the Coronavirus. Thus, triggering one of the biggest fears of patients – drug shortage. With med sync programs, patients can assure that they have enough buffer of medications for an entire month so that they don’t have to worry about running out of stock.


3. Maintain medication adherence amid quarantine

Medical needs are continuous even if the world stalled for a while due to the lockdown. Immunocompromised patients still need the support of medications and medication synchronization programs, which can help them stay on track and continue their medications by having a month-long supply.


4. Minimize patient contact through monthly scheduled pick up

Medication synchronization helps limit the volume of patients coming to pharmacies and the frequency of a patient’s outdoor exposure resulting in less physical contact. Patients only need one trip to the pharmacy or one delivery day to get their medical supplies for the whole month.


Carolina Pharmacy wants to keep you safe with our medication services

As we hope for the pandemic to pass, life must go on and we at Carolina Pharmacy aim to help you stay safe with our medication synchronization programs. Stay home and keep your family safe by letting us manage your medication errands for you with the following services:

Med Sync or Medication Synchronization: Our pharmacists can help consolidate all your medications so you only need to pick them up once.

PakMyMeds: We pack your medicines based on your doctor’s prescription along with the right prescribed dosage. So, all you have to do is take the medicine you need when it’s due.

Prescription delivery: Diabetic and other immunocompromised patients no longer need to risk going outside because we can deliver their medications right to their doorstep.

Choose the most convenient access to your medications with Carolina Pharmacy. We provide medication synchronization and prescription refills in Charlotte, Rock Hill, and Lancaster. Prescription delivery is available at our Lancaster locations below:

Let us know how we can help you by calling us now at 1-833-MY-PHARM.