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Why Carolina Pharmacy?

Save On Prescriptions Guaranteed

In 2-3 days, see how Carolina Pharmacy can save you up to 80% on your prescription drugs.

Yes! We know your time is valuable, so we offer medication delivery directly to your work or home so you can spend more time with the ones you love. While we do not have restrictions on exactly how far we deliver, we generally deliver to a 5-10 mile radius around our stores. Certain restrictions may apply.

Absolutely! We compound medications! Compounding is the art of creating personalized medications in various forms (suspensions, solutions, suppositories, creams, popsicles, pellets, lotions, etc.) to allow for optimized dosing specifically for you.

We work closely with your physician to create a specialized compound at a dose and form that works best for you.

We take MOST insurance plans. In fact, we can accept many more plans than the large chain pharmacies; however, there are a few plans that restrict patients to mail order or chain pharmacies. The best way to find out is to call or visit one of our stores. You can also email us at and inquire.

The cost of medications in our country has never been higher. We take great pride in providing “the lowest medication prices in town” (and anywhere around if you compare us). There are many nuisances to finding prescription savings that we have mastered to secure lower pricing for our patients. Many of them require a lot of time with each prescription which we have dedicated staff for, unlike chain and grocery drug stores.

We love to compare our pricing with or without insurance coverage for any patient. Simply fill out this form and we can give you pricing for you to compare to what you are currently paying.

We get asked this question quite often. There are numerous discount cards out there like GoodRx or SingleCare, which on the surface may seem like great resources for lower prescription drugs but have many red flags. These include the following:
  • Discount cards are not a substitute for prescription insurance and are in fact, not insurance cards. They are simple “discount” cards.
  • These cards claim to not share patients’ personal information, but we know that is not completely true. They do, in fact, share personal patient information with various companies. It is important patients understand this before using them. See the following article for more information:
  • Discount card companies actually send pharmacies a bill for any savings the card produces for the patient. So, rather than actually saving the patient money by paying themselves, they capitalize on the patient and pharmacy by sending the pharmacy a bill for every claim the pharmacy adjudicates on the discount card.
  • They claim to be “FREE” but ask yourself how a supposedly “FREE” discount card can claim to provide up to 80% off prescription drug prices? They cannot, but good marketing can convince many that they are truly saving them on medication costs.
As a general rule, using discount cards can save you money at chain and large pharmacies that have much higher pricing. At independents, you are better off speaking to the staff and inquiring about their own best pricing. 9 times out of 10, you will save more without a discount card at an independent pharmacy.  A discount is never a substitute for real prescription insurance. Carolina Pharmacy has its own “discount card” that is built into our system. Our discount program is also available at most physicians’ offices that work exclusively with our pharmacy locations. There are no hidden fees, to anyone, and no personal information is ever shared. Contact us now if you want to compare your medication pricing.

Yes! All of our pharmacists are licensed and trained vaccinators who are capable of administering various different vaccinations. The following are common vaccines we provide: Influenza (Flu Shot), Shingles, Pneumonia, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap), and many more. We are also proud to offer COVID-19 vaccines. Schedule yours today!

No appointment is needed and there are no administration fees. Most of these vaccines are fully covered on prescription insurance or Medicare Part D plans.

We actually introduced our Pak My Meds service well before Amazon came onto the market with Pill Pack. The difference is clear: we provide a comprehensive medication service whereby our staff synchronizes all of your medications to be filled on the same day and packs them in easy-to-open tear-off packaging, which is provided to you at no cost and with your approval.

Throw away the vials of medicine and allow us to take care of your daily medication regimen. With our easy-to-use strip labeling, you will never forget to take a dose again! If traveling, it is even easier to take what you need rather than entire bottles of medications. Our Pak My Meds service is one of the best ways we are able to deliver customer support.

There is a link atop our home page (click here) that allows you to easily transfer your family’s medications to our family pharmacies. We do all of the work and will communicate with you to ensure you are taken care of. We are excited you are considering us. Email to learn more about us and to determine if there are any incentives for transferring over!

While we cannot guarantee we can, we are very, very good at finding medications and products others cannot. Email and let us know what you are looking for!

While we cannot guarantee we can, we are very, very good at finding medications and products others cannot. Different pharmacies use different wholesalers, but we purchase medications from various vendors who may have what you are looking for! Email and let us know what you are looking for!

Some of our stores have a drive-thru and some do not. All of our stores offer curbside pick-up. Just let our staff know when you get to our store and we will come out to take care of you!
Each of our stores has slightly different hours. Refer to our Store Locator Page for our locations and hours of operation.
While it may seem very difficult to compete with larger, corporate-structured chain pharmacies, we manage to find a wayOur services and the loyalty of our patients are what sets us apart from our competitors. 

At Carolina Pharmacy, we focus on promoting and improving our patients’ health and wellness, and in return, our patients and the strong relationships we have developed with providers help us grow through word of mouth. What are you waiting for? Support local, small businesses and join our pharmacy family!

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