A Day in the Life with Pharmacist Taylor Fortson

No workday ever looks the same for Taylor Fortson.

As a floater pharmacist, Taylor Fortson spends time at multiple locations to ensure that her customers and colleagues are well-taken care of and that things run smoothly. Besides her day-to-day pharmacy work, she embraces behind-the-scenes work that goes into building the company’s brand as she continually looks for innovative ways to introduce Carolina Pharmacy to as many people in the community as possible.

Taylor, who has her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, takes great professional pride in working for an independent pharmacy that intricately knows its customers, their families, and medications. Knowing how important service, privacy, and courtesy are in her field, Taylor and the rest of her team maintain excellent relationships with patients and providers to provide the best healthcare possible. Whether engaging with new customers, fielding questions on Carolina Pharmacy’s social media accounts, or filling prescriptions, Taylor feels intrinsically drawn to customer service. She enjoys helping her customers understand what her independent pharmacy offers that is different from chain pharmacies.

Read on for a peek into Taylor’s day-to-day life, including what she does when she’s not at work.


It seems accurate to say that your days are quite busy. How do you prepare yourself mentally each morning for the workday ahead?

I wake up early enough to enjoy my coffee and walk the dogs before leaving for work. But I used to be the type of person that rolled out of bed 15 minutes before I had to leave. I found that too stressful when going to work and being gone all day. I would rather wake up 2 hours before having to leave and have a small lull to read Axios Charlotte or unload the dishwasher than being rushed!

What is your commute like?

If I’m working in the pharmacy (typically Wednesday-Friday/Saturday), it takes 30 minutes to an hour to get to work. People always say how exhausting that must be, but I really appreciate the time to listen to music or podcasts before starting the day.

Your office is the pharmacy! What’s the first thing you do when you arrive?

Taylor Fortson Phone Carolina Pharmacy CharlotteI move between different pharmacies, so I always get set-up before jumping into the workflow. When the pharmacy gets busy, there are all sorts of things lying on the counter, with the phone ringing and customers coming in, so organization is key!

Since you work “in the office,” how are you staying safe from COVID-19 and keeping others safe?

When I’m doing office work on Mondays/Tuesdays, I work from home, probably the safest option during COVID-19. But in the pharmacy, I feel protected. We wear masks at Carolina Pharmacy. They also provide us with other PPE if we would like to be extra protected (KN95 masks, face shields, gloves). Everyone usually wipes down their station when they arrive each morning and before leaving. My hands are so dry from using hand sanitizer constantly!

Taylor Fortson Carolina Pharmacy Helping Walker Drug

How do you spend your afternoon at work?

I’m usually caught up on filling prescriptions by 1 or 2 p.m., so this is when I heat my lunch and start my “miscellaneous” tasks. I start by checking emails and seeing if anything new is needed immediately. I’m typically bouncing between helping patients who come into the pharmacy and working on my laptop.

Tell us a bit about your co-workers.

On a typical day, two pharmacy technicians work with me. I’m newer to the company, so I really rely on them for certain things with our computer system since it’s difficult to train someone until the “issue arises” such as a prescription prior authorization or certain codes you need to know to add insurance or get a medication to go through insurance. They have all been so helpful and do an amazing job keeping the pharmacy going when I have to work on outside tasks.  I admire their relationships with their patients and lean on them when learning new patient’s names.

Why did you choose pharmacy other another healthcare specialty?

I always wanted to go into the healthcare field but, full confession…the sight of blood makes my stomach turn! After one of my family members suggested pharmacy, I loved that we are one of the most accessible healthcare providers. It’s easy for a patient to talk to us outside of an appointment whether they come in or call the pharmacy.Carolina Pharmacy Colsult Cotswold

How do you unwind from work?

My husband is an amazing cook and is usually cooking dinner when I get home, so I love to sit with him while he cooks, and I enjoy a glass of wine. My 2021 resolution was skincare, so I’ve been doing many face masks after work which is very relaxing. On my days off, I enjoy lake days on the boat, walking my two dogs, working on home improvement projects, and going to the gym.

What makes you want to come back to work day after day?

My company! I see many of my friends struggle with working for chain pharmacies, and I can’t help but think how lucky I am to work for an independent pharmacy. It’s an enjoyable work environment that allows me to connect with patients each day. I’m not just there to fill their prescriptions but to help them be the healthiest version of themselves. As I said earlier, we’re one of the most accessible healthcare providers, but we also have great relationships with doctors in the area, which helps give our patients the best care.





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Hypertension Treatment: Medications and Lifestyle Changes Copy

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition that may lead to other health problems like heart disease. When you have hypertension, the blood is forced against the artery walls. Blood pressure is measured by the volume of blood that the heart pumps and the level of resistance of the blood flow in the arteries. 


If your heart pumps more blood into arteries that are narrow, then you will have high blood pressure. Long-term effects of hypertension include stroke and heart attack


How Is Hypertension Diagnosed?

In measuring the blood pressure of an individual, a pressure-measuring gauge is used. To do this, an inflatable arm cuff will be placed around the arm. The blood pressure reading is in mm HG or millimeters of mercury and has two numbers. The upper number is the measurement of the pressure in the arteries when the heart is beating. It is called systolic pressure. The lower number is the measurement of pressure in the arteries in between heartbeats. It is called diastolic pressure. There are four main categories of blood pressure measurements. 


  • Normal Blood Pressure: A normal blood pressure measurement is at 120/80.
  • Elevated Blood Pressure: You have an elevated blood pressure if you have a systolic pressure of 120 to 129 while your diastolic pressure falls below 80. 
  • Hypertension Stage 1: When the range of your systolic pressure is at 130 to 139 and your diastolic pressure is 80 to 89, you have hypertension stage 1. 
  • Hypertension Stage 2: This type of hypertension is severe. You can have a systolic pressure of 140 or higher and your diastolic pressure is 90 or higher. 


Available Medications for Hypertension

There are various ways to manage hypertension including medications and lifestyle changes. Several medications for hypertension are available to ensure that your blood pressure will be at a normal range. 


Sometimes, one medication is enough to control high blood pressure. However, there are cases where a combination of drugs is necessary to keep hypertension at bay. Here are the meds commonly prescribed to treat hypertension. 



This medication is also called water pills. It helps the kidneys in getting rid of any excess water as well as salt. When this happens, there is less volume of blood needed to pass through your blood vessels. It will result in your blood pressure going down



With this medication, the heart beats with less force and speed. The blood pressure begins to decrease because the heart is pumping less blood through your blood vessels. 



This medication offers a combination of effects. What this drug does is that it decreases the constriction of the blood vessels while also slowing down the force and rate of the heartbeat. 


Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE)

This drug helps your body in producing less angiotensin II. This hormone is what causes your blood vessels to become narrow. This hypertension treatment also helps the blood vessels to expand so that more blood can flow. The result is that your blood pressure drops to the normal range. 



This hypertension treatment helps in relaxing the muscles in your blood vessel walls including the arterioles or smaller arteries. It widens your blood vessels so that blood can flow easily. Your blood pressure will then describe yourself essay drop to the normal range. 


Lifestyle Changes to Manage Hypertension

To help your body stay fit and healthy, you need to make some lifestyle changes. While medications for hypertension are available, you still have to do your part so that your blood pressure stays within the normal range. Here are some of the steps that you can take to manage hypertension


  • Eat less salt
  • Keep track of what you eat
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat
  • Walk around your neighborhood in the morning
  • Drink more water and less soda and alcohol
  • If you smoke, cut back on your smoking until you can quit altogether
  • Manage your stress by learning how to be mindful. Try meditating 
  • Delegate tasks. Don’t micromanage
  • Sleep well so your mind and body can rest
  • Go to your doctor for a regular checkup


Hypertension can be managed for as long as you eat healthy foods, sleep well, and not allow stress to take over your life. If your doctor prescribes you medication, make sure that you follow through. Treating hypertension early on will ensure that you don’t develop any health complications such as heart disease. 


When you get your prescription, don’t hesitate to ask us about it. We will be happy to assist you so that you can start taking the right medications for hypertension

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