What Independent Pharmacists Want You to Know about Compounding Drugs

At Carolina Pharmacy, our pharmacists are dedicated to providing patient-centered care. Every patient is unique, and we offer personalized prescriptions to meet patients’ varying needs. We are one of the few pharmacies locally that compounds prescription medications, with offerings ranging from chemotherapy drugs to hormone replacement therapy. Using the latest technology, our pharmacists put together prescriptions using the highest quality ingredients.

How do you know if compounded drugs are right for you? How to you order a customized medication? Our experts share the top things to know when considering a compounded medication.

How are compounded prescriptions different from other prescriptions?

Traditionally, you may have filled a prescription for a commercially available FDA-approved drug that’s manufactured by a national company to meet the needs of a large population. In contrast, compounding means that a licensed pharmacist modifies ingredients to create a customized medication for an individual patient. At Carolina Pharmacy, we offer compounded prescription for both pets and people.

We’re one of the few pharmacies equipped to safely compound USP800 drugs, which include hormone replacement therapies. We have a wide array of medications, meaning we can customize medications to manage a variety of care needs. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art lab outfitted with the latest technology to assist as we create compounded medications.

Examples of compounding:

  • Adding flavor enhancers or sweeteners to change the taste of a medication
  • Removing allergens such as glutens or dyes
  • Changing the form of the medication i.e. offering foams, sprays, gels, suppositories

Is a compounded prescription the right fit for me?

To determine if an alternative formula would better fit your needs, you should speak with your physician. For example, people who have allergies to specific ingredients in commercially produced medications may seek out a custom formulation that omits the allergen. You may need a custom dose that’s not readily available. In some cases, patients can’t swallow tablets or tolerate the taste, and we can alter the medication to fix those issues.

How do I order a compounded prescription?

The process is simple and starts with your doctor writing a prescription or sending it directly to our pharmacy. After receiving the order, our team will give you a cost estimate and share how long your prescription will take to be filled. Your prescription may not be covered by insurance. Once your medication is created, we can have it ready for pick up or delivery to your home or office. To order from Carolina Pharmacy or for more information, you or your medical provider can call 704-909-4700 (ext. 5) or email compounding@carolinapharmacy.com.

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