Turn Dissatisfied Customers into Loyal Fans

Health Mart® has once again taken the toll on providing outstanding services to customers and patients across the United States in 2018. They have achieved a higher customer satisfaction rating compared to other pharmaceutical chains, such as Walgreens and CVS.

Health Mart® has been adopting a consistent approach to overcoming frustrated customers and turning them into loyal fans. They have turned most complaints into an opportunity of creating loyal fans and boosting customer satisfaction. As customers vent their frustrations, Health Mart® understands these frustrations, addresses their issues, and presents a solution to win them over. To learn more about this awesome news about Health Mart®, visit here.

This exceptional approach is made available to customers through locally owned, independent pharmacies, such as Carolina Pharmacy. Carolina Pharmacy is a locally-owned, independent pharmacy operating under the Health Mart® pharmacy network. Health Mart® enables Carolina Pharmacy to offer unique and useful clinical services to its patients.

Carolina Pharmacy aims to ensure that patients and customers receive the best healthcare services that they deserve.

You may contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM or visit any Carolina Pharmacy for more information. You may also read more on this exciting news here.