Proper Weight Loss Education

Carolina Pharmacy also offers weight loss education and management to individuals who are in need of weight control and lifestyle changes brought about by concerns that it could lead to more serious complications. The Health Smart Newsletter can also be used as a guide to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Education and Management

What is weight management?

Why is there a need for weight loss education and management?

Weight management is the technique or lifestyle strategies that promote health and wellness.  A successful weight management involves the understanding and maintaining of a healthy body weight and tracking your weight loss progress over time.

Every person is unique, so this is the reason why each individual should learn how to maintain and manage their weight. Weight management focuses on long-term results which you may achieve through slow but consistent weight loss and strengthened by the retention of an ideal body weight specific to your age, sex, and height.

Weight loss education and management aim to foster an environment that promotes a well-maintained and healthy body weight and composition. Helping patients understand the fundamental causes of excess weight gain, as well as a personalized strategy for maintaining healthy body weight, can help improve your perception towards proper weight loss.

At Carolina Pharmacy, our trusted and professional pharmacists will take the time to educate you about proper weight loss and how you can maintain an optimum weight that will suit your lifestyle.  We are committed to helping patients make healthy choices for life.

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Weight loss may be challenging for patients, however, with proper education and guidance, we can help you change your attitude towards proper weight loss. We offer the best weight loss education and management program that can encourage you to stay on top of your health.

Carolina Pharmacy is committed to providing excellence in healthcare and wellness services in Charlotte, NC and the neighboring communities. Our pharmacists and staff take the time to get to know you and understand any weight management questions that you may have.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we will help you find the most optimum diet and exercise program that will work specifically with your way of life.  We will help you gradually change your lifestyle while accommodating a personalized weight management program to help maintain a safe, effective and lasting healthy weight.

For your weight loss education and management needs, visit any of our pharmacies in ArboretumHwy 9 BypassMeeting StreetRock HillAirport Road, and the Walker’s Drug Store.  You may also contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM.

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Guidelines for a Proper Weight Loss and Management

With this day and age, hundreds or even thousands of weight loss promotions, diets, pills, devices, strategies, and even potions have been sold in the market or offered to the public.  Patients who suffer from overweight or obesity are faced with challenges in identifying the safest, most efficient and permanent techniques for weight loss and maintenance.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we will help you find the most optimal way of losing weight that effectively works with your body composition. Here are some basic guidelines for proper weight loss and management:

1. Know the Right Food to Eat

Although healthy eating may not be the only factor that needs to be considered in proper weight loss, it may help patients, dieticians, weight specialists, and pharmacists understand and track down food-related causes of weight gain. Like any other factors, food affects each individual differently, as some food may have an adverse effect while others may have a good impact on the body.

Patients who are committed to proper weight loss should limit non-nutritious food such as sugar, soda, and alcoholic beverages. Patients should also cut-down on high-fat foods like bacon, chips, butter and fried meat.

It is best for patients to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, turkey and fish, and whole grains.  Changing your eating habit may also help promote proper weight loss.

2. Proper Exercise and Other Physical Activities

Exercising and getting your body to do a lot of physical activities would be challenging at first.  An increased physical activity is one of the essential components of a comprehensive weight loss technique.

A long-term and successful strategy of weight loss and maintenance lies in your ability to develop and sustain an exercise routine that will work for you and your lifestyle.

3. Attitude and Lifestyle Modification

Most patients think that being healthy means being thin. The truth is having a healthy weight means that you are at a lower risk of having adverse medical conditions or health problems.  

Lifestyle modification should result to understanding the difference between aiming for a healthy body weight and having a thin body. Modifying your lifestyle means modifying your attitude towards your eating habits and exercising. Modifying your attitude can help you lose weight, and when you lose weight, you can also maintain it.

Proper weight loss does not stop with healthy eating and regular exercise. Patients should be consistent in maintaining their healthy disposition towards proper weight loss.

A healthy weight is more than wearing the latest in fashion or drinking an online trending coffee.  It is living a healthier way of life.

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