Genetic Testing for Medication

Pharmacogenetic testing guides patients in choosing the right medication by testing their genes to see the effect of medicines on their bodies.

What is Pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics is the study or branch of pharmacology that examines the genetic reaction of the body to some drugs or medicine, and other factors concerning the combination of pharmacology and genomics.  

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Pharmacogenetic Testing is a kind of genetic test where the drug metabolic pathways are tested against some drug ingredients. In this process, individual responses to drug components, such as therapeutic and adverse effects, are observed and studied.

What can we benefit from pharmacogenetic testing?

With pharmacogenetic testing, our pharmacies can prepare an effective, safe and specific medication to the genetic body makeup of an individual.  

Commercial drug companies produce medicines that are in common doses, like a capsule of ibuprofen in 500mg or a pill of antacid in 40mg.  However, these dosages do not work equally in the same way for everyone.

With pharmacogenetic testing, your medication can now be tailored to the specific healthcare needs of your body. With this genetic testing, a patient can benefit from getting the right medication without worrying about any adverse effects it may have on the body.

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At Carolina Pharmacy, we want to ensure that your body meets the right doses of medication based on the genetic makeup of your body. Our pharmacies in Arboretum, Woodlands Drive, Meeting Street, Rock Hill, and Cotswold can provide you with the genetic testing needed to identify the effects of a certain medicine or drug component to your genes.  

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Our Pharmacogenetic Testing

At Carolina Pharmacy, we offer pharmacogenetic testing, to guide you in choosing the right medication. We conduct this genetic test to help us compound your medication that is unique and personalized for you or your loved ones.

We offer pharmacogenetic testing for patients that are adhering to genetics-targeted treatment.  We use the genetic information of our patients to study its effects on the drug components used for their treatment.  

These medications are used for targeted therapy, whereby the drug works by targeting specific genes to prevent the growth or spread of the illness. This is known as the single gene response.

Carolina Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical guidance in pharmacogenetic testing. We base our genetic test with the data that you will be providing us and the medical recommendation of your physician.

At Carolina Pharmacy, patient care is our top priority!  Thus we make sure that your medication is the right one for you!

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