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Medication therapy management is a broad range of services aimed at patients and their individual needs, to optimize drug therapy to ensure that patients receive optimum care that would help maintain good health.

Medication Therapy Management

What is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication Therapy Management is a medication program provided by pharmacists to ensure optimum therapeutic medication of patients. This helps monitor the improvement of a patient’s medical and other healthcare conditions.

Carolina Pharmacy provides medication therapy management to help patients achieve optimum results for their medication. We provide patient-specific and individualized medication therapy management as recommended by your physician and according to your healthcare needs.

Medication therapy management covers a face-to-face interaction of patients and pharmacists to better assess the necessities of the program. Patient-pharmacist relationship should have a solid ground of communication to better implement therapeutic medications.

Pharmacists should communicate all details necessary for the program to achieve its goals.  In the same manner that patients should relay his condition throughout the duration of the program.

At Carolina Pharmacy, our licensed pharmacists offer medication-related information, consultation and advice to patients to ensure proper use and formulation of his or her medication.

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At Carolina Pharmacy, we are committed to providing patient-specific medical therapy management programs to optimize drug therapy and to ensure that patients receive optimum care that would maintain good health.

Our pharmacies in ArboretumWoodlands DriveMeeting StreetRock HillAirport Road, and the Walker’s Drug Store can provide you with the best medical therapy management suitable to your individual healthcare and wellness needs.  

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Medication Therapy Management Charlotte

Optimum and Individualized Care

At Carolina Pharmacy, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of your medication including medication therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy consults, disease management, pharmacogenomics application, anticoagulation management, safety and surveillance, health and wellness, and immunization.

Medication therapy reviews is a process of collecting data related to the patient’s medical condition and assessing any medical-related problems and how to resolve them.  A patient is evaluated according to his condition before, during and after the medication to assess further medication, if necessary.

Pharmacotherapy consults are offered to patients who have complex medical conditions, or who have previously undergone medical-related problems, or who are at high risk to develop such medical conditions.

 Disease management support involves coordination among pharmacists, patients and doctors to foster a better understanding of the patient’s medication and how a patient can continuously care for themselves at home.

Pharmacogenomics application is the process of examining the genetic reaction of the body to some drugs or medicine, and other genetic factors.

Anticoagulation management is offered to patients who are taking oral blood thinning agents.  Prescribed oral medication for anticoagulation management should be diligently monitored and managed to ensure the safety of patients and avoid the risk of developing complications.

Carolina Pharmacy also provides immunization services and information to any vvaccine-preventableillness.

Our licensed pharmacists have advanced training and expertise in these medication therapy management programs.  We provide medication safety surveillance to prevent any medical issues or any adverse effect of your ongoing medication program.

Carolina Pharmacy promotes healthcare and wellness to the Charlotte and surrounding communities. These medication therapy management programs are optimized according to the specific needs of a patient.  We provide individualized care because patient care is our top priority.

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