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Carolina Pharmacy is your diabetes management destination. We offer many helpful products including test strips, glucose monitors, lancets, vitamins, medications, foot care, and more.

We also provide the knowledge you need to manage your condition.

What is Diabetes?

Carolina Pharmacy has independent pharmacies in Charlotte, Lancaster, Rock Hill, and the surrounding areas that offer the best information regarding diabetes health in Charlotte.

  • Do you have an unexplained weight loss?
  • Does your mouth go dry a lot–especially after eating?
  • Are you always thirsty?
  • Are you starting to have blurred vision?
  • Do you experience frequent urination or urine infection?

These are common signs of diabetes.

When the food we eat turns into energy, the pancreas secretes insulin that carries energy to the different parts of our body. Diabetes occurs when blood sugar becomes too high, and insulin levels are too low.

Diabetes is a complex condition that may affect a person’s entire body. At present, there are no known cures for diabetes. However, medications have been offered to increase insulin secretion to help stabilize the level of blood sugar in the body and effectively manage diabetes.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we offer the best diabetes management program by offering a wide array of products to help maintain the normal level of insulin needed to distribute blood sugar to the body.

Diabetes Health Products

Carolina Pharmacy offers a wide array of products for diabetes management including test strips, glucose monitor, vitamins, foot care, and diabetes medications.

Diabetes test strips or blood glucose test strips are small plastic disposable strips used to measure blood sugar levels. Blood is collected and dropped onto the test strips and a meter analyzes the glucose level.

Having diabetes requires active participation on the part of the person who has it. Diabetes is best managed by regularly monitoring blood glucose levels. At Carolina Pharmacy, we provide glucose monitors that help patients track their glucose levels with ease.

What does diabetes do to your feet?

Diabetes can increase the chances of having a foot ulcer or amputation. With Carolina Pharmacy, patients can get a free consultation on guidelines about foot care.

Carolina Pharmacy offers vitamins and other diabetes medications. With Carolina Pharmacy on your team, you can start making better choices to support your diabetes and improve your health.

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