Meet Dr. Alex Yawny


Dr. Alex Yawny

PharmD - Clinical Pharmacist

Degree(s) Earned: B.S. Neuroscience, PharmD

Alma Mater(s): University of Pittsburgh

Graduation Year: 2017 (B.S.), 2021 (PharmD)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Position: Staff Pharmacist

Location: Carolina Pharmacy Group

Alex is a staff clinical pharmacist in Charlotte, NC. He earned a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience in 2017 and his PharmD in 2021 at the University of Pittsburgh. Alex was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and made the move to Charlotte just after pharmacy school.

Alex worked in community pharmacy throughout pharmacy school and wanted to continue in this setting after graduation. He joined the Walker’s Drug Store team in December 2020 after completing a rotation as part of his pharmacy school curriculum. Impressed with the variety of enhanced services offered to all patients, he wanted to continue working with the team to provide the highest quality of pharmacist patient care.

Why did you become a pharmacist?

“I’ve always had a passion for healthcare and being able to help members of my community. As one of the most accessible healthcare providers, I have the perfect opportunity to support and educate my patients about their health and wellness.”

What interests do you have that you do in your spare time?

Alex enjoys the warm Charlotte weather with family and friends, travels often, and skis in the winter months.

Do you have a favourite sports team?

“Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, Pirates”

What is your favourite food?

“Steak and Old Bay seasoned shrimp“

What is the country you most want to visit?


Do you have a favourite place to travel?

“Outer Banks, NC”

Brief info about your family?

“My partner and I moved to Charlotte in 2020 to be closer to our two young nephews. We love visiting our hometowns, Pittsburgh and Buffalo, often!”

What is one interesting fact about you?

“Alex is an avid swimmer, and his favorite event is the individual medley.”

If you had to choose a celebrity to play you in a documentary about your life, who would it be, and why?

“Dan Levy because he will get the sarcasm just right! He plays such funny and relatable characters.”


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