Reasons to “Work” for the Carolina Pharmacy Group

What Does “Work” Mean to You?

The most common definition of “work” in our society is a place where people MUST go every day to earn a living. When employees dread going to work, service and quality suffer for the patient.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we are committed to making work inspiring and fulfilling. Our staff receives on-going training and full control over their stores to deliver the best service to our patients’ benefits, day in and day out. 

Job satisfaction is a core factor in our company.

Ask any of our employees; working at one of our pharmacies never feels like “work.” We believe that when you thoroughly enjoy helping other people and are allowed the freedom to be yourself at “work,” you are most productive. As a result, we have one of the highest (if not the highest) customer service ratings for all pharmacies around the Greater Charlotte Area.

Why Should I Join the Carolina Pharmacy Family?

All of the Benefits!

-Extremely Competitive Pay Rates with Monthly Bonus Opportunities
-Annual Paid Vacation Time for Eligible Employees
-Biweekly Pay
-Health Benefits (Medical, Prescription, Vision, Dental)
-401K Options
-Annual Training Courses Provided (HIPAA, OSHA, others)
-Less Stressful Environment, Driven by Quality rather than Volume
-Multiple Team Building Events throughout the Year
-Multiple Social Gatherings (Parties) throughout the Year
-Ability to Work in a Clean, Spa-Life, Family-Oriented Environment
-Ability to Work with Ownership that is Present and Active in All of Its Stores
-Make a Positive Impact in Countless Number of Patient’s Lives

What Do We Look For In Potential New Hires?

-A Positive Attitude and Outlook on Life
-Hard Working and Motivated
-Desire to Help Others
-Great Communication Skills
-Eager to Consistently Learn and Improve
-Ability to Get Along With Others of All Backgrounds
-Open-Minded and Family-Oriented Individuals
-Ability to Handle Stressful Situations

While previous Pharmacy experience is not necessary, it certainly gives you an advantage. Our Pharmacy operates differently from others. New hires will undergo new training regardless of previous experience.

Join The Team!  

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