Get the Best Prices on Prescription Drugs in Charlotte

Getting access to affordable prescription drugs is the key to maintaining your family’s health. However, medicine prices are soaring each year and they are becoming more out of reach for many households.

Studies report that brand drugs are the ones that drive the medicine prices up and that the prices of these specialty medications have increased three times over the past few years.

Saving money on your medications is imperative for many people. But, you don’t have to settle for inferior products just to get the most out of your hard-earned money. You can access quality prescription drugs without breaking the bank. Here is how you can get the best deals for your medication especially if you are living in the Charlotte area.

Compare the Prices of Your Local Pharmacies

Local independent pharmacies also carry most, if not all, of the prescription drugs that retail chains have in their inventory. You can call our local pharmacies and check the prices of your medications to see how we compare with other pharmacies in your area. We typically save 80% on prescription prices compared to what customers are paying at their current pharmacy.

Carolina Pharmacy has multiple pharmacy locations in Charlotte and the surrounding areas that you can visit if you are looking for the best prescription drug prices near you.

Look for the Best Deals Online

While it is always better to ask for prices and deals on-site, you might not have time to visit the local pharmacies personally. Fortunately, most of these local pharmacies have websites or online stores that you can visit to see if they are offering any promotions.

You can check out our website for coupons, monthly promotions and special deals. You can download and print these coupons online and present it on your next over-the-counter purchase to save money.

Medication Deals Charlotte, NC

Ask for an Alternative Brand or Drug

As mentioned, one of the major factors of medicine price hike is branded medicines. While the prices of brand-name drugs continue to increase at a slower pace, they are still significantly more expensive for the common household.

Remember that many of these brand drugs have more affordable generic alternatives that you can purchase. You can get better deals on generic drugs compared to branded medicines as they have the same active ingredients minus the brand name.

Always ask your local pharmacist for alternative options. If you think that generic drugs work better for you and your budget, you can also tell your doctor beforehand that you prefer the generic brands.

Where Can You Get the Most Affordable Prescription Drugs in Charlotte?

Carolina Pharmacy offers the best prices on prescription drugs in all of its local pharmacies in Hwy 9 Bypass, Rock Hill, Arboretum, Meeting Street, Airport Road and Colwick Road.

We have a caring staff that will provide you with all your needs. You can easily approach one of our pharmacists and ask about the promotions and discounts that we offer. We will gladly assist you and help you find the best cost-saving options.

Contact us at 833-MY-PHARM to learn more about our medication deals.