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For a limited time and while supplies last, Carolina Pharmacy is proud to be able to offer up to 8 FREE COVID-19 at-home tests per month for eligible patients. Many insurance plans (Federal, State, and Commercial) cover certain at-home antigen tests fully. We are unsure how long this benefit will last but are sure that supply will be limited so we encourage all families to contact us and stock up ahead of a busy cold & flu and holiday season. 

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Simply stop by any of our retail locations and speak to staff, call 1-833-MY-PHARMACY, or complete the form below to ensure you qualify for this limited time offer and we will reach out to you. 

    Do you currently get your prescriptions from a Carolina Pharmacy (or Walker's Drug Store Cotswold) retail location?

    Would you prefer to be contacted via phone or email?

    How many other family members are covered on your plan?

    List all family members' names: For each member, need first and last name and date of birth

    Input as much of your prescription insurance info as you can (should be on the front/back of your prescription insurance card)

    Please note:

    These tests are for personal use only. They may not be used for employment, resale, or travel purposes. Directions for use are provided on package inserts of each test. Our staff will not be able to analyze your test results for you. We will continue to offer professional, rapid COVID-19 tests if you are interested. Visit our COVID-19 Test Scheduler if you would like more information and/or to schedule. If your test is not covered on your insurance or you are uninsured, we sell at-home antigen test kits at all our retail pharmacy locations

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