COVID-19 Effect: Disrupted Sleep As A Growing Norm

Since the quarantine began, many of us are experiencing disrupted sleep at night. The pandemic has suddenly changed every aspect of our lives and broke the routine we are accustomed to. With COVID-19 at hand, sleep is one of the natural immune-boosters and we can maximize our health with some self-care tips for better sleep.

Reasons why you keep having disrupted sleep at night

People are losing jobs, have health concerns, and isolated. Not being able to go out is enough reason to feel anxious, stressed and depressed. These feelings are the perfect recipe to keep you awake at night, only to make your stress levels soar higher.

Other lifestyle-related reasons include:

How to get quality sleep at night during quarantine

It can be hard not to worry during these uncertain times. However, our health can be at risk if we keep experiencing disrupted sleep. The good thing is that we can make lifestyle changes to boost our health by sleeping more. You can try these sleep tips below during this quarantine:

  • Set your mindset on seeing the sunrise as a goal: Imagine waking up with the sunrise outside your window. Nature has healing capabilities to us humans, both physically and emotionally, so watch as much sunrise as you can.


  • Set a routine for your sleep: Create a quarantine routine. Prioritize work and studying in the morning, limit leisure time and strictly follow your bedtime hours.


  • Refrain from eating or drinking 4 hours before bedtime: Feeling full before bedtime not only makes you gain weight but can also skyrocket your energy at night.


  • Avoid having screen time 2 hours before sleeping: Resist the urge to check your phone in bed and try to turn-off its WiFi settings so the notifications won’t bug you at night.


  • Sleep in your bed and not on the couch: Thinking of your bed as a place to sleep helps train your mind in the long run. So reserve the working stuff for your couch and keep the bed for sleeping.


  • Get a daily dose of natural light: Help your circadian rhythm get back to its normal cycle by getting more natural light right outside your house. You may bask in the morning sunshine while gardening or working on your porch. Talk about multi-tasking!


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