Each patient has a unique set of needs when it comes to medications. While many patients find the prescribed drugs available in large pharmacies to work well, some may benefit from personalized medicine through compounding

Compounding is a way with which a pharmacist mixes medications so that the correct formulation, form, strength, dosage, as well as flavor can be achieved. The resulting medication is meant to address your specific needs.

Applications for Personalized Medicine

There are many ways that personalized medicine through compounding can be applied. In instances where medications are unavailable or if you want your child to have an easier time taking their meds, then compounding can be advantageous. Here are some ways that personalized medicine is applied.

Dosage Form

If you find that you’re not responding to the prescribed drugs that you’re taking or if you’re experiencing negative side effects, then your dosage form needs to be adjusted.

The pharmacist can work with you, together with your doctor, to compound your medications. You will then receive an alternative dosage form. It can be through lozenges, troches, suppositories, topical sprays, transdermal gels, and others.

Combination Preparations

Your pharmacist can combine compatible medications into one dosage form. It is to simplify the way that the meds are taken and also to ensure that you’re on schedule when taking them. It will be much easier for you to comply with the prescription given by your doctor when your medications are compounded.

When Meds are Unavailable

There are times when the drugs you need are out of stock. Pharmacies are able to obtain the medications that you need as a bulk powder. The pharmacists can then compound it so that you can be given a similar preparation. Compounding will greatly benefit you especially if the meds you’ve been prescribed need to be taken daily or several times a day.


Flavoring is helpful for children who need to take medications. Most kids will have a hard time taking medications because of the unpleasant taste. Pharmacists can flavor the meds so that it pleases the palate of the child. It will also eliminate aftertastes.

Parents will be more at ease knowing that their children will have an easier time taking their medications.

Eliminating Possible Allergens

If you’re experiencing bad side effects with your meds or you’re having allergic reactions to them, your pharmacist can formulate drugs that are specific for you.

They can eliminate unnecessary preservatives, alcohol, lactose, gluten, sugar, and dyes. This way, you won’t have to go through allergic reactions and other unpleasant side effects that can be avoided through compounding.


At Carolina Pharmacy, our pharmacists are trained in compounding medications, suppositories, suspensions, syrups, gels, ointments, and other formulations. We strive to help each https://www.paperwritings.com/ of our patients in making their medications easier to take so that any health problems can be addressed properly.

If you need personalized medicine, call us today so we can provide you with the service you deserve.