5 reasons to consult with an independent pharmacist

An independent pharmacy is a retail pharmacy not directly affiliated with any pharmaceutical chain. It is not owned or operated by a publicly traded company, but is a pharmacist-owned, private business. While public companies such as chain pharmacies tend to operate more as a business that simply distribute medicine, privately held independent pharmacies are typically more patient-oriented.

In other words, as a patient, you can rely on independent pharmacies to be there to offer care when you need it. Here are five reasons why you should make the switch.

Independent pharmacies are present for their patients

Independent pharmacies are geared toward patient service and have more time to answer patient questions, compared to oversaturated corporate chain retailers.

Independent pharmacies manage medications

At a private retailer, you can expect a diligent professional ready to manage your prescription medications with you. Independent pharmacies generally know their customers well, including what prescriptions they take, and are able to personally advise on medication management so that it benefits your health in the best way possible.

Independent pharmacies advise on over the counter (OTC) medications

Independent pharmacists are the next step in patient care after physicians and are trained to take on subsequent steps helping patients navigate medications. While you have the power to make OTC decisions on your own, independent pharmacists can advise you on side effects, price, coverage, and other factors that determine a good fit.

Independent pharmacies can educate you on side effects

This is a nuanced service you won’t likely find at a chain. The staff of a private pharmacy will take the time to apply their expertise guiding patients through navigating the best individual decisions when it comes to choosing a medication.

Independent pharmacies are stewards for fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Competent and vigilant pharmaceutical experts contribute to curbing antimicrobial resistance, or AMR, the phenomenon of over-prescribing antibiotics to patients who do not need them, and perpetuating a growing resistance to antibiotic medicines. This is a great threat to public health, as losing our efficacy against bacterial infections will put more people at risk of serious illness or death from treatable diseases.

Independent pharmacies are more prone to catch mis-prescribed medications for patients who do not need them.

If you want more attention to your specific care needs, private and independent pharmacies are the ideal choice. We invite you to consult with our team at Carolina Pharmacy for comprehensive guidance on your medications from our trained pharmacist professionals.


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