Why Building Trust is Key to Delivering Quality Care at Carolina Pharmacy

Every good relationship is built on trust. This is not different in healthcare, trust is the cornerstone of efficient pharmaceutical care delivery. Understandably, the desire to be listened to with a welcoming smile and having your healthcare provider take you seriously without waving off any of your symptoms is very important to every patient. 

Similarly, it feels nice to have your provider take you through your detailed treatment plan, calmly attending to your questions, making eye contact with you, and not showing any hurry to leave. Every patient deserves to be treated this way, and creating a long-lasting relationship built on trust is our principal focus at Carolina Pharmacy. You will soon discover how we deliver quality care through competent clinical knowledge and communication skills. 

The Relationship Between Trust and Quality Pharmaceutical Care

Improvement of a patient’s quality of life through the achievement of definite and predefined therapeutic outcomes is the core goal of pharmaceutical care. To be able to deliver on this promise, trust must be established by virtue of professional competency, adequate communication, and genuine care

At Carolina Pharmacy, we understand the vital role that trust plays in the delivery of optimal pharmaceutical care. Here are six ways we build trust and deliver quality patient care at Carolina Pharmacy.

6 Ways Carolina Pharmacy Delivers Quality Patient Care

Building Long-Lasting Relationships and Mutual Respect

Part of our focus to lead our patients on a path to better health is committing ourselves to continuous care on behalf of our patients. We bear the responsibility to ensure that our patients’ healthcare needs are uninterrupted irrespective of shift changes, weekends, or holidays

We achieve this by building responsible and professional relationships with our patients and focus efforts on activities that will optimize and enhance the healthcare needs of our patients.

Utilizing Competent Communication and Social Skills

We want you to understand your condition more accurately and also be able to communicate with our pharmacists freely and openly within an atmosphere of trust. Part of our commitment to delivering quality healthcare is communicating, actively listening, being attentive, and recognizing your non-verbal cues. 

We have refined our communication styles and patterns to ensure that our patients receive the best information necessary for their treatment and prescriptions.

Providing Continuous Education on Diabetes Care

“I don’t have time to exercise and visit the gym, and I’m tired of having to check my blood glucose level all the time.” 

Diabetes management poses serious challenges for most patients, and living with diabetes has its ups and downs, which may be difficult to live with. 

However, living with diabetes does not have to pose a serious physical and mental struggle on your health if you are given the support and the encouragement to make the right choices. Truly, the side effects and sometimes the cost of medications may discourage patients from staying compliant with prescribed medications. 

But, we are available to attend to your medication-related problems by reviewing the side effects you may be experiencing and review possible solutions that will enable you to stay compliant with your medication use. Additionally, we advise on dietary habits, physical activity (exercise), and lifestyle measures to improve your quality of life.

Enhancing Patient Knowledge on Blood Pressure Management

It is easy to get overwhelmed by daily life when you’re battling hypertension. At Carolina Pharmacy, we believe in a holistic approach to healthcare. 

Hence, our approach to enhancing your knowledge on blood pressure management involves continuous drug therapy monitoring, regular blood pressure measurement, and continuous lifestyle management. We do not operate on one-size-fits-all because we personalize therapy for each of our patients. 

We advise on physical and lifestyle concerns that may develop or worsen high blood pressure and cooperate with you to achieve a positive therapeutic outcome that will dramatically improve your life expectancy. We advise on the best way to protect yourselves, the risks, and lifestyle management approaches you can adopt to make your life better. 

Providing Continuous Weight Loss Education and Management

We think about weight loss management within the context of overall well-being. We provide continuous weight loss education and health support to enable you to love yourself while you lose weight

The desire to get a healthy body is a journey, so we begin by widening your focus beyond just the reducing numbers you see on the scale. We strive to inspire and encourage our patients to feel proud of themselves and begin our weight loss program from a place of self-acceptance and self-love. 

Weight loss may take time, and it may be very challenging to reach your goals. However, when you have a team providing you with healthy support, assuring you that although disappointments and drawbacks are part of the process, your weight loss goals are achievable within your body limits in your weight loss journey.

Delivering Convenient Pharmaceutical Care

Pharmaceutical care is a key purpose of pharmacy practice at Carolina Pharmacy. We provide not just clinical care but also bear responsibility to achieve the desired clinical outcomes that will improve your quality of life. We do this by objectively and subjectively assessing our patient’s quality of life and involving them in establishing their goals

Your safety is our concern, and we deliver that by establishing an atmosphere of trust and competent pharmaceutical care that is in our patients’ best interest.

Staying on top of and offering COVID-19 vaccinations and testing

The world is currently experiencing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In our effort to provide the necessary, high-quality care, we provide COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 vaccinations at our pharmacies in Charlotte, Rock Hill, and Lancaster.

Our mission is to provide the needed support and be available to provide necessary information and safety guidelines that will protect you and your family and enable you to navigate through this pandemic. 

We provide facts over fear, updated information, and evidence-based and reliable guidance to our patients. But we won’t stop there. Even in the face of the pandemic and beyond, you should expect high-quality, comprehensive pharmaceutical services.

At Carolina Pharmacy, our goal is to build responsible long-lasting relationships with our patients and put their health and safety first. Feel free to contact us today at one of our pharmacies in Charlotte, Rock Hill, or Lancaster