What Roles Do Independent Pharmacies Play in Your Overall Health?

How Do Independent Pharmacies Provide a Positive Impact on Your Health?

Pharmacists can be considered as one of the most accessible health professionals. With the help of your local pharmacists, you can get your supply of medication just within your community. Independent pharmacies will also ensure that you get high-quality medication for optimal health at an affordable price.

Aside from their usual tasks, community pharmacists play additional roles to provide a positive impact on your health. Pharmacists aren’t just limited to their primary responsibilities of distributing medicine, processing prescriptions and monitoring drug adherence. Pharmacists now play integral roles to help meet patients’ evolving health care needs.

Independent vs. Big Box Pharmacies

Big box pharmacies, or chain pharmacies, can provide the convenience of refilling your medication at hundreds of locations around the country. However, the medical convenience and benefits that these pharmacies provide usually end there. Big box pharmacies are limited by the corporate structures and policies, and pharmacists from these kinds of pharmacies have no control over the number of services that they can provide to their customers.

On the other hand, pharmacists from independent pharmacies can offer more services compared to chain pharmacies. This is why independent pharmacies play the role of being a valued local health resource. Independent pharmacies offer a wide range of services to meet the demands of the local community.

Reliable Source of Health Information

Independent pharmacies are a great source of reliable health information. Community pharmacists can collect, compile and maintain information on medicine and disseminate it to patients for the knowledge of the general public. Independent pharmacies also promote the proper use of drugs and medication by giving advice to patients.

Accessible Health Professionals

Local pharmacists have been widely regarded as the first point of contact in the healthcare system. It can also be considered that pharmacists see patients more frequently compared to other healthcare practitioners including physicians.

The result of a 2018 study showed that patients visit their pharmacists 1.5 to 10 times more frequently than they visit their doctors and physicians. This just proves that pharmacists are the most accessible health professionals and that they play an important role in the healthcare system.

Person-Centered Care

Independent pharmacies offer multiple services to their patients and your community pharmacist knows each customer very well. Personalized customer service is an important asset provided by independent pharmacies because they value the long-term relationship that they build with their patients.

Independent pharmacies typically have more flexibility and freedom in serving local customers compared to bigger chains. They aren’t restricted from the policies of corporations and they can make decisions for themselves depending on the situation of the patient.

Pharmacies are the Bridges to Other Healthcare Services

Pharmacies are critical partners for other healthcare service providers. Aside from working with patients, pharmacists also work with other healthcare professionals to ensure that the patients can receive the best healthcare services that fit their needs.

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