This Digital Pharmacy in Charlotte Lets You Refill Your Medication with an App

Carolina Pharmacy Has a Convenient Mobile App to Refill Your Medication

Pharmacies are now joining the digital revolution. Many pharmaceutical services can now be accessed and availed through the Internet. With just a touch of a button on your phone or a click of a mouse, you can now get the pharmaceutical services that you need without leaving your home.

One such service that is revolutionizing the pharmacy industry is medication refill. Did you know that you can now refill your medications anytime, anywhere? Carolina Pharmacy in Charlotte has a very convenient mobile app that will let you refill your medication remotely.

You do not need to drive to the nearest local pharmacy if you are running out of medication because Carolina Pharmacy’s free mobile app will do that for you. In this article, we will discuss the features of our new digital pharmacy app.

Secure Communication

One of the major concerns of digitizing pharmaceutical services is security and privacy. Companies are exposed to the threat of hacking and accessing private consumer data. People with malicious intent always try to find ways to exploit the weaknesses in the security protocols of apps by targeting unsuspecting consumers.

Our mobile app uses a two-way secure messaging to let you exchange messages with your pharmacist. You can rest assured that all your messages are safely stored in a secure system that is compliant with TCPA and HIPAA regulations.


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Amazing Mobile Experience

Our partnership with Digital Pharmacist allowed us to create a mobile app that provides the best experience for our patients. To get the app, just put your mobile number in our Mobile page and we will send you a downloadable link for the pre-configured Carolina Pharmacy app. You can also visit the App Store or Google Play to get the app yourself.

If you choose to get the app yourself from the mentioned app marketplaces, you will have to configure it using these easy steps. Once you install and open the mobile app, you have to select Carolina Pharmacy to avail our convenient medication refill services.

Feature-Rich Pharmacy App

Carolina Pharmacy’s mobile app has all the features that you can normally find on the Digital Pharmacist website. However, these features are tailored to give the best mobile experience to our users. You can refill your prescriptions within the app with a few touches and swipes on your mobile phone.

Once you are done, our professional staff will do the rest. The mobile app also has a push notification feature that will remind you when to take your medication. Running out of medication is now a thing of the past with Carolina Pharmacy’s free mobile app.

Download the Carolina Pharmacy App for Free

Download the free Carolina Pharmacy app to get the most out of our services. If you need help with your medications, you can contact us at 866-846-8809. You can also visit one of our Charlotte pharmacies at Arboretum and Colwick Road, NC and Lancaster, Rock Hill, Meeting Street and Airport Road, SC to learn more about our pharmaceutical services.