At Carolina Pharmacy and Walker’s Drug Store, we pride ourselves on the quality of health and wellness we provide our patients.

Kindly spend 5-10 minutes answering some brief questions and allow our health experts to evaluate your profile and set up a quick consultation. There are no charges for any of our services, all we ask for is your time.

Benefits of this Questionnaire:

Allows you to:

  • see how well you know your health
  • share information you may not feel as comfortable speaking to a health care provider about in person
  • share your thoughts and review our services

Allows us to:

  • formulate a game plan to improve your health
  • tailor your medication regimen to your lifestyle and outcomes
  • gather a mass amount of your health information in a short amount of time
  • recommend local top providers and services to you if interested

Improve your health and wellness

Free Healthcare Assessment