Dr. Sanjusha Mathew

Sanjusha Mathew

Name: Dr. Sanjusha Mathew

Degree(s) Earned: Pharm. D

Alma Mater(s): Alma Mater(s): Texas Tech

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: India and Dallas, TX

Position: Floater Staff Pharmacist

Location: Carolina Pharmacy – All Locations

Dr. Sanjusha Mathew

PharmD – Staff Pharmacist

Sanjusha was born in India, but moved to Dallas, TX during high school. She has a strong passion to educate patients and help them improve their health independently. She graduated pharmacy school at Texas Tech and enjoys travelling, listening to music, and binge watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. She is happily married and loves spending time with her nieces and nephews.

Why did you became a pharmacist?
“I always had an interest in math & science and wanted to pursue a career where I get to use my knowledge to help people understand their health and wellness.”
What interests do you have that you do in your spare time?
“Reading, traveling, cooking.”
Favourite sports teams?
“Dallas Cowboys.”
Favourite food?
“Thai, Italian.”
Country you most want to visit?
“Greece, Thailand.”
Favourite place to travel to?
“Beach, Mountains.”
Brief info about your family?
“Happily married to husband of 3 years and welcomed a baby
boy this year.”
Interesting fact about you?
“I am one of the tallest female I know (I am 6 feet tall).”
If you had to choose a celebrity to play you in a documentary about your life, who would it be, and why?
“Christina Hendricks because I am going to need a seriously talented woman to portray my strength and charisma (at least that’s what the online quiz I took said!).”