Dr. Rondall “Ron” Honeycutt

Rondal Honeycut

Name: Rondall Honeycutt

Degree(s) : BA in Mechanical Engineering and BS in Pharmacy

Alma Mater(s): : BA in Mechanical Engineering and BS in Pharmacy

Graduation Year: 1970 (pharmacy)

Hometown: Monroe, NC

Position: Pharmacy Manager

Location: Carolina Pharmacy – Meeting Street

Dr. Rondall “Ron” Honeycutt

BSc. Pharm – Pharmacy Manager
Ron was born and raised in Monroe, NC until he moved to Lancaster in 1971. He has a degree in Bachelor’s of Science in pharmacy. He has a great passion for collecting signed books. Ron decided to become a pharmacist because he cares about people and enjoys the face to face interaction you have within the pharmacy. Ron has a wife named Candy, a daughter – Cindy and two sons – Josh and Chris.
Why did you became a pharmacist?
“Had always wanted to be a pharmacist but my Dad envisioned me in engineering. After 2 years in engineering I realized I would never be happy. So after convincing Dad and taking some make up courses and convincing MUSC to take me I got into my real chosen profession.”
What interests do you have that you do in your spare time?
“Working in the yerd and collecting books, especially signed books.”
Favourite sports teams?
“Panthers, Hornets and Gamecocks.”
Favourite food?
“Steak on a grill and tomato sandwiches.”
Favourite place to travel to?
“NC mountain.”
Country you most want to visit?
“England and Ireland.”
Brief info about your family?
“I have a wife, Candy, a daughter, Cindy, and 2 sons, Josh and Christopher. Candy is a pharmacy tech; Cindy is an occupational therapist; Josh works and lives in Durham, NC and Chris works locally.”
Interesting facts about me?
“Spent several years as Youth Minister at Catawba Baptist and I got lost in a cave.”
If you had to choose a celebrity to play you in a documentary about your life, who would it be, and why?
“Tom Hanks because anyone who can play Walt Disney AND Mr. Rogers has got to peg me.”