Meet Kajal Patel

Pharmacist Rock Hill SC Carolina Pharmacy

Name: Kajal Patel

Degree(s) Earned: B.S. Exercise Science, Pharm.D

Alma Mater(s): University of South Carolina, South College School of Pharmacy

Graduation Year: 2021

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

Position: Pharmacy Manager

Location: Carolina Pharmacy Group

Kajal Patel

Degree(s) Earned: B.S. Exercise Science, Pharm.D.
Why did you become a pharmacist?
“Growing up with my grandparents, and moving to an unknown country, my parents and I always struggled with what medications were best for their health. I constantly found myself googling and asking people what medications would help them and improve their style of health. This is when I knew I wanted to become a Pharmacist so I can help my family as well as many others like my family in the community.”
Favorite food?
“My favorite foods are Pizza.”
Favorite sports teams?
“Cincinnati Bengals (My fiancé made me add it, I am not a sports fan)”
The country you most want to visit?
Favourite place to travel to?
“New York City”
Brief info about your family?
” I have a big big family, we often do a lot of get togethers and we are extremely loud!!!!! I have two siblings and I am the middle child.”
Interesting fact about you?
“I enjoy a good conversation and a nice cup of coffee.”
If you had to choose a celebrity to play you in a documentary about your life, who would it be, and why?
“Sandra Bullock, I believe she would be the best person with her acting skills to bring out all the quirkiness and weirdness I possess.”