Meet Dr. Kiera Emery

Kiera Emery Pharmacist for Carolina Pharmacy

Name: Dr. Kiera Emery

Degree(s) Earned: PharmD

Alma Mater(s): University of South Carolina

Graduation Year: 2020

Hometown: Monroe, LA

Position: Staff Pharmacist

Location: Carolina Pharmacy Group

Dr. Kiera Emery

Degree(s) Earned: PharmD

I earned my PharmD/MBA in 2020 from U of Sc. I am originally from Monroe, LA, but my dad went to the military so I became a military brat. The last place we settled was Augusta, GA so that is where I considered “home”.

Why did you become a pharmacist?
“I wanted to become a pharmacist during my time serving in the Navy. I decided that I wanted to go into the medical field and help make a difference in people’s lives and luckily I am able to do just that!”
Favourite food?
“My favorite foods are scallops.”
Favorite sports teams?
“I do not have a favorite sports team”
The country you most want to visit?
“Italy, The people there are so helpful and happy to be around. They know what it is to live!”
Favourite place to travel to?
“Areas around California such as Paso Robles and Yosemite”
Brief info about your family?
“I am married to a wonderful man named Cruiz and together we have a 5 year old daughter and two sweet dogs, Bear and Ivy. We are looking forward to putting down roots in Concord!”
Interesting fact about you?
“I have been deployed twice and I have been to Dubai 8 times!”
If you had to select one person to portray you in a documentary about your life, who would it be? Why?
“Zoe Saldana would have to play me because she’s pretty and a great actress!”