How Carolina Pharmacy Helps With Medication Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 global crisis has placed a huge strain on the country’s health system. People are advised to stay at home and observe social distancing to help contain and minimize the spread of the virus.  

The virus is particularly dangerous for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, these are the same people that need access to prescription medication. The pandemic has made it difficult for people to access their medication and get refills.

Retail pharmacies like Carolina Pharmacy are essential in ensuring medication management, prescription refills, and medication adherence. We are helping ease the burden on heavily-strained health facilities and systems.

Effect of the Pandemic on Medication Management

The socio-economic gap has become even more glaringly obvious because of the coronavirus pandemic. People of higher socioeconomic standing may have quick access to medications and quality health care, but people of low socioeconomic standing may have difficulty managing their health.

Patients of meager means may have not been able to afford quick prescription refills. And with pharmaceutical companies focused on the fight against COVID-19, prescription medicines are not readily available. The unavailability of medications coupled with quarantine and financial difficulties have resulted in poor medication management. 

Unfortunately, people with chronic diseases like hepatitis, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic pulmonary disease are the same people who are at risk of developing serious symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

Carolina Pharmacy and Medication Management

Chronic diseases may still be managed with pharmaceutical care interventions, which aim to optimize adherence to medication refills and consumption for improved health outcomes. Carolina Pharmacy has been in partnership with our patients to help them manage their medications and health properly.

We believe that our interventions have helped greatly with improving and saving people’s lives. Our role has been especially relevant in the wake of the pandemic. We have augmented all our efforts to ensure our customer’s safety and wellbeing. We understand that our role in providing pharmaceutical care especially to people suffering from chronic illnesses is significant during this period.

We play a role in the community in terms of promoting and supporting the proper management and use of medications. We are ideally positioned for this role because we are easily accessible to our patrons during this period, and we can help address issues concerning the use of medications especially of people with chronic conditions. 

What Do We Do?

We offer medication management services and these services include:

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