Prescription Medication vs. Supplements

Prescription Medication vs. Supplements

Prescription medication is a set of medicine or drugs that require a prescription from a physician or doctor before it can be dispensed. This usually follows a regular schedule that should be strictly followed.

Prescription medications are intended to target a particular body part that is in pain or a particular illness. The goal of prescription medication is to provide a cure if not to maintain and improve the current condition of the body.

Most prescription medication can be refilled at the nearest pharmacy in your area. Carolina Pharmacy offers prescription refills for all your medication needs. We aim to provide fast and professional services.

What are Supplements?

Supplements are products taken orally that contains some ingredients like vitamins and amino acids. These are usually intended to supplement a dietary need. It can either enhance or improve one’s diet to reinforce the nutrient supply to your body.

In comparison to prescription medication, supplements do not necessarily need a prescription from a doctor. Supplements are readily available on the market and can be purchased without a prescription.

Supplements are not considered medicines. They do not give a cure to any illness or disease. They are just taken to supplement or reinforce the need for nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Prescription Medication over Supplements

Supplements are good for the body since it can help boost the nutrients needed by the body. However, for medication purposes, supplements should not be considered as medicines.

There are occasions when patients should adhere to their prescription medication. Physicians take diligent steps to examine, evaluate, and diagnose your health conditions. Medication prescriptions that are signed off by physicians are specifically recommended to treat if not to maintain your current health condition.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose prescription medication over supplements in treating your illness:

#1 FDA-Approved

Prescription medications are FDA-approved. These medicines or drugs passed the standards of safety and effectivity set by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). The U.S. FDA maintains a comprehensive evaluation process on medications.

Every aspect of the medicine is carefully assessed. FDA made sure that these medications are in good manufacturing condition. It also went through extensive clinical design trials and packaging tests.

Supplements, on the other hand, do not necessarily pass FDA evaluation before making them available for public consumption. Some supplements manufacturing company do not go through FDA inspection either.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we offer premium grade medicines. We ensure that all our prescription medications are FDA-approved.

#2 Proven and Tested Safe and Effective

Prescription medication underwent extensive evaluation including a series of tests. Medications are subject to premarket regulation. Every medicine goes through a rigorous safety and efficacy test before making them available for public consumption.

This is conversely not the case for supplements. They are sold to the market without evaluation. In most cases, they are just tested after they have become harmful to consumers.

Carolina Pharmacy provides high-quality medications that were tested and proven safe because you and your health are important to us. We also have a team of professional and licensed pharmacists who ensure that you get the best medication for your entire family.

#3 Can be Covered by an Insurance

Prescription medication may be covered by your insurance. Most health plans cover the cost of medication. Some insurances can even provide a one-time refill on your prescription medication. However, some medications are partly covered by the insurance and patients need to pay part of the cost.

Supplements, on the other hand, are not covered by health plans. You need to pay the cost of every supplement you buy on the market.

Carolina Pharmacy provides prescription medications that are covered partially or in full by health plans. We encourage patients to enroll in Medicare Part D. We also offer a free consultation about Medicare Part D.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we help patients make healthy choices for life. Our pharmacists in Woodland Drive, Lancaster, Arboretum, Airport Road, Lancaster, Cotswold, Meeting Street, Lancaster, and Rock Hill ensures safe, effective, reliable, and trusted prescription medication for your entire family.

For your convenience, we offer prescription refills and fast service options. We can schedule your monthly prescription refills and notify you through text or email when it is time to get your refill. We can also deliver your prescription refill straight to your home or office so you could do other important things on your list.

Visit any of our pharmacy locations near you today! To learn more about prescription medication, contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM to schedule your consultation.

7 Benefits of an Independent Compounding Pharmacy

7 Benefits of an Independent Compounding Pharmacy

In the recent years, compounding system has become one of the most popular methods of obtaining the right prescription. Compounding is the process of creating a specific medication that is tailored to meet the specific needs of customers.

A lot of medicines that are produced on a mass scale or those that are commercially marketed, do not meet the particular needs of most patients. Our independent pharmacies in Charlotte, NC and Lancaster, SC provide exceptional compounding for your prescriptions.

At Carolina Pharmacy, our licensed pharmacists use the latest and most advanced techniques in non-sterile compounding. Our goal is to provide you the healthcare that you and your family deserve.

Our Charlotte, Lancaster, Arboretum and Rock Hill Carolina Pharmacies provide a compounding system that infuses multiple non-sterile ingredients to meet your specific and prescribed medication. Here are 7 amazing benefits of having an independent compounding pharmacy near you:

1. It Provides Personalized Medication

Commercialized medicines are produced with a standard dosage, like 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 300mg, 400mg, and 500mg. There are prescriptions, however, that need particular dosages.  Your physician may prescribe less than the smallest available dosage in the market, or a more maximum dosage.  

In some instances, patients would divide the pill or tablet into pieces thinking that it can meet the prescribed dosage. Compounding pharmacies provide a better option for dosages that are not available on the market.

Carolina Pharmacy provides compounding of your medication for a more accurate dosage as prescribed by your physician. Our goal is to provide a personalized medication to meet your specific healthcare needs.

2. It Offers Convenience

Some medications prescribe patients to drink two or more medicines at one time. This can be very troublesome to patients especially those who are in their senior years. It may be difficult for some patients to remember all the medicines that they need to drink at one particular time.

With compounding, your trusted pharmacists may combine multiple medicines into one compounded capsule. This way, patients may prevent the possibility of skipping or forgetting 1 or more medicine.

3. It Provides Access to Medications that are No Longer Offered Commercially

There are medications that have been discontinued commercially. Patients who are prescribed with these medications tend to stop drinking the medicine as well. Compounding pharmacies offer the best solution for medicines whose production has been ceased.  

With our Carolina Pharmacy compounding system, we can give access to your discontinued medication. We compound high-quality medicine-grade ingredients while using the most advanced technologies and the latest research and control process in formulating your discontinued medicines.

4. It Produces Unique Treatments

Compounding pharmacies offer special formulas such as ointment for diaper rash, homeopathic treatments, or cream for pets.  Most of these special creams or medicines are not available in the market.

With compounding systems, licensed pharmacists can compound medical ingredients to produce unique treatments that can help treat and alleviate discomfort for patients.  

Carolina Pharmacy offers the compounding of homeopathic medicines and topical creams or ointments to meet the healthcare needs of your entire family.

5. It Helps Children Drink Their Medicine

Not all pediatric medicines taste fruity or sweet. There are medications for children that taste truly awful or overly bitter.

Kids do not have the stance that adults have in tolerating pain or discomfort when they are sick.  Kids get irritated even more when they are forced to drink medicines that are bitter. The truth is, even some adults hate it when they are prescribed with medications that taste terrible.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we can provide a sweeter and tastier option to help kids drink their medicines without getting into too much fuss. We provide a wide array of flavors and doses.

6.  It Helps Prevent Allergic Reactions

Commercially manufactured medicines follow a set of dosages and ingredients. There are patients who have an adverse or allergic reaction to certain medications.  

With pharmaceutical compounding, allergic reactions to medicines may be prevented.  Compounding is designed to meet every patient’s medical needs. Compounded medicines are tailored to produce cure or positive effects on the body.

At Carolina Pharmacy, we can compound your medication while eliminating the ingredients that may cause an adverse effect on your body. Compounding aims to help patients prevent or reduce the risk of incurring allergic reaction while taking their medication. Our goal is to help you make healthy choices for life.

7.  It Costs Less

Compounding Pharmacies have access to pure, premium medical-grade chemicals that often have lower costs. This makes compounded medicines less expensive than commercialized drugs.

Independent compounding pharmacies tend to eliminate the use of designer dyes and preservatives patented by drug manufacturing companies. Without the cost of patenting and expensive drug components, compounded medications are significantly cheaper than those available in the market.

Our compounding pharmacies ensure high-quality yet affordable personalized medication that is beneficial to your health. At Carolina Pharmacy, patient care is our priority!

Our pharmacies in Woodland Drive and Airport Road Lancaster, Arboretum, Meeting Street, Cotswold, and Rock Hill will compound your prescription and deliver them directly to your doorstep.  Contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM to learn more about our independent compounding pharmacy.

The Millennial Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC

The Millennial Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC

The next generation, echo boomers, generation Y or millennials. These are just a few terms used to refer to the younger generation. This group of today’s population is very important to the pharmaceutical industry.

There are 3 factors that the millennials consider when choosing their ideal pharmacy, and these are the following:

1. Product Quality, Selection, and Affordability

The pharmaceutical world is a vast industry.  There are a lot of brands and companies that offer different types of products to the market. The millennials are the most adventurous group in today’s generation. They like trying out products to know what suits their needs, taste, and budget.

The millennials use technological proficiency in comparing products and choosing the best products that offer both quality and affordability. They look into convenience and dependability.  

Where to buy their healthcare and wellness products depends on the reliability and transparency of the pharmacy.

Walker’s Drug Store offers the best prices for the best medical products and services.  We provide a wide array of quality medications and fast prescription services for our millennial patients in Charlotte, NC.  

We provide personalized health care services that can help our millennials learn more about the medical products that they are purchasing or services they are availing.  

At Walker’s Drug Store in Charlotte, our goal is to promote good health through quality services and medications at affordable prices.

2. Internet Presence and Social Media Accessibility

They say that the world is in the palm of the millennials. Of course, this is just an expression to mean that they are technologically proficient. They can acquire all the information they need through smartphones or tablets.

Almost all companies rely on internet presence and how their social media pages attract an audience. This type of marketing strategy helps companies and customers alike to do business with convenience and comfort.

At Walker’s Drug Store, your comfort and convenience is our number one goal.  Hence, you can check out our products and services through our website or visit us on Facebook.  You can also choose to have your medication or prescription delivered to your home.

3.  Pharmacy Atmosphere and Staff Knowledge

Millennials value their time and effort since they live in a fast-paced world. They appreciate it when they visit a place that can accommodate them comfortably and quickly. They are also keen on details, and they tend to ask queries about products to ensure that they are purchasing the right item.

When visiting the best pharmacy in Charlotte, NC, our millennial patients can rely on the friendly service of our pharmacists and staff.  We take the time to answer questions you may have about the medication and services you are availing.

Our friendly pharmacists can help you understand the composition of your medication, the benefits you get from it, storage instructions, proper dosages and prescription refills.

Walker’s Drug Store specializes in patient care because we understand your individual needs.  We are here to help our millennial patients make healthier choices for life because you and your health are important to us.

For a quick and convenient way to get quality yet affordable medications and pharmaceutical services, call us at 704-364-3444.

Treating Seasonal Allergies

how to treat seasonal allergies

Have you ever caught yourself sneezing and coughing during the spring?

Does the summertime give you the sniffles and itches?

If yes, then it is highly likely that you are suffering from seasonal allergies  or seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Seasonal allergies are allergies that occur during a particular season when the molds release spores and plants release pollen particles into the air.

Seasonal allergies or hay fever as it is known is quite common. It usually starts in January to November with symptoms including the following:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny or Itchy nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Ear congestion

Seasonal allergy can be triggered by many things including:

  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Insect bites
  • Medications

Summer doesn’t have to be a bummer and spring doesn’t have to get you jumping with the itches. Learn how to manage and treat seasonal allergies with Carolina Pharmacy.

Allergy No More

At Carolina Pharmacy, we have what you need in order to treat your seasonal allergies. Our reliable services and experienced pharmacists will help you get the treatment you need so you don’t have to sulk all day sniffing in the seasonal blues!

Our pharmacists can prescribe antihistamines for you to combat your allergies. Other treatments like pills, eye drops, nasal and allergy shots can also be provided for you. Our pharmacogenetic testing can help match you with the right allergy medication compatible with your genes.

Since your convenience is our top priority, we provide email and text alerts to ensure that you get your medications on time. If you’re too busy, you can always count on us to deliver your medications! You don’t have to miss out!

Treating allergies doesn’t have to be painful on both the body and your wallet. Enroll now for our Medicare Part D program and see how you can get your medication for less.

The changing of the seasons don’t have to be so taxing on your health. Proper maintenance and medication should help make your seasonal allergies more manageable.

Antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal sprays are among the medications that can help you combat seasonal allergies.

The varying seasons from place to place make people more susceptible to seasonal allergies. Luckily, Carolina Pharmacy has several locations throughout the Carolinas that are present when you are in need of allergy medicine. We have the lowest prices guaranteed and take pride in our fast service. Call us today!

10 Things Every Pharmacy Should Have

things a pharmacy needs

Pharmacies are an integral part of a local community’s health. It is where customers run to whenever they need to find something that would cure or improve their health.

A pharmacy with a responsibility this crucial must make sure that they have a complete list of needs that their patients might require.  

It is the pharmacy’s responsibility to make sure that they have a complete list of needs that their customers might require.

Here at Carolina Pharmacy, we have everything you need catered to you at your convenience, which is why we have some of the best local pharmacies in North and South Carolina.

With that being said, here are top ten things every pharmacy should have no matter where they are located:

#1 Management & Education

At any pharmacy, it isn’t enough to prescribe and give medication to your customers. It is important to build long lasting relationships and friendships with your customers.

While looking after their health, it is important for every pharmacy to have management and education sessions with their customers to disseminate and share information about their condition that would help them manage it on their own.

Among Carolina Pharmacy’s management and education sessions, they include; diabetes, hypertension, weight loss and medication therapy.

#2 Drug Finder

Since convenience is a priority here at Carolina Pharmacy, we make finding your needed medications easy for you with our drug finder.

Carolina Pharmacy’s drug search lets you find your required medications with extended information about each drug, such as; side effects, drug strength, interactions, characteristics, and warnings.

#3 Delivery Service

Just like restaurants, most pharmacies have a delivery service that caters to their busy customers who cannot come to pick up their medication. We deliver your medicines to your doorstep!

#4 Benefits

Good Health doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Pharmacies must offer drug benefits that would make medications more affordable. Carolina Pharmacy offers Medicare Part D which is a government program to subsidize the cost of prescription drugs.

Aside from this, Carolina Pharmacy also offers coupons which can be used in all locations to save you more money and earn you good health!

#5 Vaccinations

Pharmacies should offer vaccinations for a wide array of diseases and infections, making these more accessible to families within the locality.

#6 Automated Services

Part of giving reliable, convenient service is having automated services. Our email and text reminders ensure that our customers come and get their prescriptions on time. Apart from this, we also have automatic refills that help refill prescriptions with ease.

#7 Pharmacist Counseling

It is important for our clients to keep abreast and be knowledgeable about the drugs that they are about to purchase and take.

Our pharmacists have counseling session that educates our customers on their medications, providing information about the drugs along with possible side effects and their required dosages to ensure that their intake is safe and effective.

#8 Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic testing is testing a person’s response to a drug based on their genes should be widely available at pharmacies so customers can find and get the right medication based on their genetic makeup to avoid bad side effects.

#9 Compounding & Flavoring

It is important to take into consideration the palatability of medications to make it easier for customers to consume them.

Compounding is the mixing of individual ingredients suited to fit a customer’s needs while flavoring pertains to altering or adding the flavor of a certain medicine to make it more palatable and easier to take.

#10 Professional & Compassionate Pharmacists

Our pharmacists seek to establish not just a professional relationship, but a friendship with our customers as they are your partners in your journey towards good health and wellness.

Trust our pharmacists to provide you with convenience and trusted advice and excellent patient care by giving medication on time. No wonder we are recognized for our quality service!

Best Pharmacy Lancaster SC

With all these services we offer, there is no wonder why we are considered one of the best pharmaceutical service providers in the Carolinas.

Carolina Pharmacy is committed to not only working towards improving your health but to establish a friendly relationship with you as your partner in wellness. Contact us at 1-833-MY-PHARM.

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